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ZBrush 4R5 Released!



We are pleased to announce the release of ZBrush 4R5 for both Windows & Mac!

ZBrush 4R5 continues to expand on creative freedom with new features for sculpting, rendering and overall quality of life. These new features were designed to let you be an artist first and foremost, giving you more freedom to explore new ideas!

Major Features

Polish by Features – A new set of Polish sliders has been added in the Tool >> Deformation sub-palette to improve your surface and make them cleaner, especially for hard surface models and product design objects. It includes Polish by Features, but also Polish by PolyGroups and Polish by Crisp Edges. DynaMesh functionality has been greatly enhanced and can now retain more of your shape in a lower polygon count than ever before, thanks to the new Polish by Features volume preservation characteristic.

Curves by Features – Creates curves based on the model’s PolyGroups, creased edges or its outline. These curves can then be used with any of the curve-based sculpting brushes.

Panel Loops – Based on PolyGroups, this feature will transform the selected model into individual panels with thickness. Or it can extrude those panels from the surface with clean borders and bevels, perfect for hard-edge sculpting.

Delete Loops – Allows you to remove unnecessary edge loops. At higher settings it can also drastically change the shape of your model.

Align Loops – An alternative to the Delete Loops feature, this produces the same visual effect but doesn’t change the model’s topology.

Dynamic Brush Size – Makes it possible for the brush size to dynamically change as the model moves closer or further away from the camera. This becomes extremely helpful when sculpting items such as bolts, alpha pattern, scales, and etc. No matter the distance the model is from the camera the bolt, alpha pattern and scales will remain the same size due to the brush dynamically changing.

PolyGroup Enhancements – Several functions have been added relating to ZBrush’s PolyGroup options. You can now group by normals, merge stray groups (useful when groups have been auto-assigned), crease or uncrease by PolyGroup and also a Smart Polish By Feature function to improve your mesh shape without losing volume.

Posterize – Posterization takes a smooth gradient and converts it to fewer steps with abrupt changes between them; a staircase kind of effect. With additions made to the profile curves, Material Mixer, BPR Filters and a new 3D Posterize feature, you can now easily create a cell shaded render.

See-Through Mode – Makes the entire interface transparent so that you can see open windows behind ZBrush. As an example, you can use your browser to find a reference image and sculpt against it without even needing to import it into ZBrush!

Auto Save – ZBrush will now periodically and automatically save your work in a temporary project file. It will also auto-save when ZBrush is idle, such as if you’re away from your computer or switch to another application without first closing ZBrush.

For a full list of features and descriptions, visit the ZBrush 4R5 feature pages. For upgrade instructions, check out the ZBrush 4R5 thread at ZBrushCentral.

A Visit With Family



Michael Defeo was kind enough to pop into the Pixologic booth at this year’s CTN for some live digital clay demo action. His characters and creatures have graced the screen in films like Ice Age, The Lorax and Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who to name a few. In case you couldn’t make it to this year’s Creative Talent Network Expo, Michael also had his own booth where he showcased his design process in traditional clay. You can see a recap here.

In this latest image, coincidentally begun at CTN, Michael or mdzb on the ZBrushCentral Forum gives a nod to the ever popular Morticia. The entire image was produced inside ZBrush and rendered using the BPR render system. You can learn more about rendering and lighting inside ZBrush at ZClassroom.

The Harder Side Of Things



Check out Ben Mauro‘s latest  Top Row ZBrushCentral post. He’s added a few new pieces to his user gallery demonstrating organic and hard surface modeling coming together to make for some seriously cool designs. You’ll get an inside track into the design process for some of his creature developments and see how materials and render passes help bring concepts to life.

You can also visit ZClassroom for the latest in new features and functions inside ZBrush.

New From Visualarium: Mastering ZBrush with Paul Gaboury



In what’s certain to be a one of the most fun, fascinating and educational, looks into ZBrush 4R4 you will ever have, be sure to check out and sign up for “Mastering ZBrush” with Pixologic’s very own Paul Gaboury! Get an insider’s look on what to expect LIVE online with Paul himself on Saturday Dec. 15th, @ 10AM PST! Come along and discover all the power ZBrush truly holds! Registration is free at

Legends of the Pitch



Whether he’s working in the finest carerra marble or slinging digital clay inside ZBrush, Cicero D’Avila is always happy to give us an insider’s look at his process. In his latest offerings, Cicero aka Daviliano on the ZBrushCentral forum, has sculpted himself a place in the anals of Brazilian soccer lore.

In Brazil, soccer is life and the heroes who play the game on the international stage are treated like Gods. These latest sculptures, are being celebrated for their unique ability to capture the likenesses of some of Brazil’s most loved and cherished “jogadores”. He’s adopted a digital work flow incorporating the power of ZBrush to establish his concepts and final poses before sending the files to 3d printers. The final result is without question, awe inspiring.

You can learn more about rapid prototyping and 3d printing technology inside ZClassroom.

New Turntable Gallery from Mihai Daranga



We have a whopping nine new turntables from artist Mihai Daranga. All of the characters in the gallery were started as a 1 hour speed sculpt from a sphere and modeled 100% in ZBrush using DynaMesh. Mihai then uses QRemesher for retopology, UV Master to create UVs, and then polypaints and poses each character. Regarding his choice for using ZBrush for a majority of his workflow, Mihai explains: “everything seems so easy to do, when I am in ZBrush I get the feeling that I can do anything without being afraid to mess my sculpt. Everything is fixable at one stroke distance.”

Take a look at Mihai’s turntable, and check out his thread at ZBC to see some WIP shots and time-lapse videos from his speed sculpt sessions.

Featured ZBC Thread: Siamak Roshani and Jeremy Celeste



ZBrushCentral members Siamak Roshani and Jeremy Celeste recently posted a realistic US Army Ranger portrait, and it turned out fantastic! Siamak tackled the modeling using an existing base mesh and used UV Master to create the UVs. He then used ZBrush and Photoshop for the texturing. Jeremy did the lighting, shading, rendering, and compositing of the final model. Check out the final renders and a few WIP shots at their thread at ZBC.

Siamak and Jeremy have also provided 3D World Magazine with a tutorial that shows their process from beginning to end. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

This Just in from Digital Tutors!



Check out these new courses from Digital Tutors on our Third Party Training page! Our friends have released three new courses including two from their Creative Development Series:

Maximizing Your Wacom Device for ZBrush

Creative Development: Sculpting a Fantasy Monster in ZBrush and Softimage with Szabolcs Matefy

Creative Development: Sculpting Alien Concepts in ZBrush with Jonny Bone

Featured ZBC Thread: afisher



ZBrushCentral member Adam Fisher has recently been given Top Row honors for a sculpt of one of the Pendleton twins from the game “Dishonored.” The bust was modeled, textured, and rendered entirely in ZBrush. And he was nice enough to post a time-lapse video of his process!

For the polypainting, Adam picks a mid skin tone to fill the object, then paints layers of color variations to give some depth, and finishes with highlights and shadows to bring out the forms. The render is basically the default BPR settings with one main light and two “rim” lights to bring out the forms.

Take a closer look at Adam’s Top Row image, and if you’re looking for more inspiration, check out his user gallery at ZBC.

New ZBC Community for Brazilian Artists



We are delighted to add a new group of international users to the ZBrushCentral community forum. Our newest friends hail from Brazil. ZBrush Brazil is devoted to Portuguese speaking artists and fans of ZBrush. This section will unite Brazilian ZBrush users and Portuguese speakers interested in digital art creation under one banner. Be sure to stop in and brush up on your Portuguese while keeping up to date with latest in digital clay coming out of South America.

Visit the online forum here. Bem-vindos todos!

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