New From Visualarium: Mastering ZBrush with Paul Gaboury

Posted on December 11, 2012 by Melissa


In what’s certain to be a one of the most fun, fascinating and educational, looks into ZBrush 4R4 you will ever have, be sure to check out and sign up for “Mastering ZBrush” with Pixologic’s very own Paul Gaboury! Get an insider’s look on what to expect LIVE online with Paul himself on Saturday Dec. 15th, @ 10AM PST! Come along and discover all the power ZBrush truly holds! Registration is free at

One response to “New From Visualarium: Mastering ZBrush with Paul Gaboury”

  1. James Melton says:

    Hi Paul, almost every day I rewatch your first introduction to Zbrush4R8:). “The master Drust brush”:). I am just so excited for July 13th with another Live Tream of Zbrush4R8:). Have a great day and happy Zbrushing…

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