New Turntable Gallery from Mihai Daranga

Posted on December 10, 2012 by Melissa


We have a whopping nine new turntables from artist Mihai Daranga. All of the characters in the gallery were started as a 1 hour speed sculpt from a sphere and modeled 100% in ZBrush using DynaMesh. Mihai then uses QRemesher for retopology, UV Master to create UVs, and then polypaints and poses each character. Regarding his choice for using ZBrush for a majority of his workflow, Mihai explains: “everything seems so easy to do, when I am in ZBrush I get the feeling that I can do anything without being afraid to mess my sculpt. Everything is fixable at one stroke distance.”

Take a look at Mihai’s turntable, and check out his thread at ZBC to see some WIP shots and time-lapse videos from his speed sculpt sessions.