Daily Archive for January 3rd, 2013

Making Time For Art – Z4R5 The Dragon Flyer



The Pixolator has posted a new video showing off some of the new features in ZBrush 4R5. In this session, he’s using “Panel Loops” and “Polish By Features” to quickly transform a DynaMesh model into a hard-surface-looking model.

Watch the video at ZBrushCentral.

New Turntable: Hasan Bajramovic



Our newest member to the turntable gallery, Hasan Bajramovic (aka bomoh at ZBC) has just been added with his sculpt “Daiichi.” Hasan preferes to begin his creations in ZBrush using DynaMesh followed by QRemesher to clean up the topology. This speeds up the process for him and allows his creativity to flow without worrying about poly counts.

Take a look at Hasan’s sculpt in the round at the Turntable Gallery, and see more work from him at his ZBC user gallery.

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