Daily Archive for January 8th, 2013

Bitten By The Clay



Jason Brown or Flammers on ZBrushCentral gives us a clearer picture of the fairest of them all with his rendition of the Mirror in Snow White and The Huntsman. Jason breaks down some of his work flow and demonstrates how the final sequence came to life in breathtaking style. You can see more of Jason Brown’s work by visiting his user gallery where a few other surprises are waiting.

Visit ZClassroom to take your renders further inside ZBrush. With ZBrush 4R5 you’ll gain access to an expanded set of features designed to generate more jaw dropping art.

Featured ZBC Thread: Dishonored Character Art



The Lead 3d Character Artist at Arkane Studio, Florence Lapalu (aka Ladysoul at ZBC), has recently started a thread for the artists who worked on “Dishonored.” The team, including Cristian Buliarca, Linus Lidberg, Mashru Mishu, and Cédric Seaut, have started posting their character art from the recently released game. The images in this thread will provide enough inspiration to knock out any of the lingering holiday funk!

Check out the thread gallery at ZBrushCentral.

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