Featured ZBC Thread: Sim Ki Yong



Today’s Top Row honor goes to ZBC member Sim Ki Yong for his sculpt “Blonde.” The anatomy is top notch, but the fabrics in this sculpt are what really make it stand out. Sim’s grasp of textures and the folds in the cloth give it a realistic feel. Take a look at page 6 for a small breakdown of how he got the effect of layers between the bra and shirt.

This isn’t the first time Sim has received Top Row for one of his sculpts. Some of you may remember the Blade Master from a few years ago. It seems that everything Sim does turns to gold!

Check out Sim’s Top Row thread at ZBrushCentral.

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  • Very impresive job Sim, Do you think is possible to contant me by email to know more about the details of the project? Thanks a lot!! Nacho.

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