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The Inside Track With Nick Zuccarello



If you’re in the Florida region and feel the urge to sling a little digital clay then rejoice, because Nick Zuccarello aka NickZ on the ZBrushCentral forum, is teaching Introduction to ZBrush classes at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA). The FIEA is a division of the University of Central Florida and offers a Master’s Degree giving students a chance to hone their skills in all aspects of video game development and creation. Nick’s class covers the basics and includes digital sculpting, subdivision levels, Dynamesh and 3D digital Polypainting. Nick has even created a custom ZBrush project designed to help students learn about painting different material types and surfaces. This introductory class will also covers Polypainting skin, leather, metal, wood, grass and dirt. Be sure to take the inside track and learn from a dedicated, long standing industry pro.

Nick has over 10 years of video game experience and has worked at some of the biggest studios in the business as a Character Modeler. Be sure to check out his blog, where you can download a base-mesh and watch time-lapse videos while picking up some tips and tricks. If you are looking for high quality 3D assets, Nick has you covered with a store dedicated to providing top class resources.

Weenie Of A Good Time



We recently saw ZBrushCentral member khalavi’s micro sized Halo 4 sculpts here on the ZBrush blog. In that post, we mentioned that khalavi also played a role in creating Disney’s Frankenweenie collection for The Bridge Direct. It goes without saying that we couldn’t help but do an artist spotlight on Khurram H. Alavi and tell everyone that the Frankenweenie collectibles are available now and feature some highly detailed figures from this modern Disney classic. What’s more, they were all started using Dynamesh inside ZBrush! You can see more toy goodness by visiting The Bridge and explore their entire product line.

Be sure to check out ZClassroom for an in depth tutorial series on preparing your own models for real world production hosted by Jeff Feligno.

Zack Petroc — New Class




From cutting edge Studio work flows, to design principles that will redefine your approach to character creation, Zack will mentor his students through the process of designing, sculpting, and retopologizing a production ready character. Utilizing ZBrush throughout the class, some of the topics included are:

  • Crafting “story” based characters
  • Design Principles
  • Growing your art and career
  • Telling story through form
  • The silhouette
  • Creating cloth & accessories

Zack Petroc Studios

Behind The Scenes With ILM



Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) was the studio behind 2012’s blockbuster hit The Avengers. These are the same guys who brought us Rango, Pirates of the Caribbean, and other hits. Chances are you’ve seen their work. Check out this industry interview below with members of the ILM team and get a closer, behind the scenes look at how the magic happens. You’ll hear the ILM team detail the role ZBrush plays in producing the jaw dropping CG elements you’ve come to know and love. The face of the Hulk was built out from a life cast / scan of actor Mark Ruffalo’s face. It was then modified in ZBrush to become the Hulk, while still retaining an essence of the original actor. See how scan data and ZBrush worked together to bring everybody’s favorite green bad boy, The Hulk to life.

Visit our User Stories section to see more studio interviews showcasing how ZBrush is used in production pipelines around the world.

Behind the Magic: Creating The Hulk for "The Avengers" (Part 1)

Claying By The Sword



Amghar Mahmoud takes the concept of the future soldier to the next level with his latest ZBrushCentral post. You too can quench your hard surface modeling thirst with a collection of brushes that come standard with your copy of ZBrush. With brushes like the Hard Brush, Trim Dynamic and Pinch brush, you’ll be off and running right out of the box on your own sculpting adventures.

Be sure to check out more awesome creatures, characters and environments inside Amghar’s user gallery. If that’s not enough, pop into his website for even more design, art and music!

Remember to visit ZClassroom for more video tutorials on how to generate your own inspired works of art. With features like Panel Loops inside ZBrush 4R5, you’ll have all the tools you need to create your own hard surface warrior just like Amghar.

New Turntable from Maxime Dauphinais



Our newest addition to the Turntable Gallery comes to us courtesy of newcomer Maxime Dauphinais. The character, “Renekton,” comes from Riot Games and is inspired by the Egyptian god Sobek. The model was created for a sculpting contest where Maxime came in third. Although he was formally trained in Maya, Maxime uses ZBrush for all of his personal works because of the ease of use and the time saving features.

Take a look at Maxime’s “Renekton” at the Turntable Gallery.

A New Kind Of Space Ace



ZBrushCentral member Baolong Zhang aka Baolong sets his sights on new frontiers with his latest addition to the ZBrush universe. You can put your adventure boots on too with the latest features and functions inside ZBrush 4R5. With everything from Insert Brushes and Panel Loops features at your fingertips, you’ll be building hard surface components and parts until the ships come home.

Want to see more from Baolong? Check out his User Gallery at ZBrushCentral.

A Micro Serving Of Halo Power



If you’re into vinyl toys, this latest ZBrushCentral post by Khurram H. Alavi, aka khalavi, will have your heart singing with post-holiday joy. These recent additions to his user gallery showcase the latest Funko vinyl figures in the Halo line. Khalavi even gives us a peak at the Frankenweenie collection. The action doesn’t stop there! You’ll see some awesome Marvel statues produced for Bowen Designs. Be sure to visit his homepage for a closer look at this talented ZBC member.

Six New Courses from Digital Tutors



Digital Tutors has released SIX new courses and tutorials to start 2013 off right. Check them out below or at our Third Party Training page!

Professional Series: Game Boss Creation in ZBrush

Creative Development: Modeling a Character for 3D Printing in ZBrush with Peter Minister

Sculpting Human Ears in ZBrush

Sculpting Human Noses in ZBrush

Sculpting Human Mouths in ZBrush

Sculpting Human Skin in ZBrush

The Natural



The Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC has evolved over the last 20 years into a globally recognized sport. In this latest ZBrushCentral post, Sebastian Diaz Zavala aka Sebastianez pays homage to one of the greats. Randy “The Natural” Couture is regarded as one of the best to ever step inside the Octagon. Sebastianez ensures that the legend of “The Natural” lives on forever! Visit his user gallery to see more great ZBrush sculpts.

If its game ready assets you’re looking to make, be sure to check out ZClassroom for more tutorial goodness with videos by Joseph Drust.

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