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Free Master Series Webinar with Erin Nicholson!



Whether you are an Independent Film Maker, a traditional Makeup Effects Artist or a CG Artist this online program at Phoenix Atelier is for you. This Master Series will be modular based starting with the incredibly talented Erin Nicholson, Modeling Supervisor on films such as Piranha, Battle Los Angeles, Priest.

Erin will take you through the entire asset building process, from word to screen ready model. You will be introduced to real world concepts as Erin has meetings with the other department heads to understand and deliver their needs. This is as close to the real thing as you will get. A simulated production environment where you will learn the real skills needed to be competitive in today’s marketplace.

Register now for our free FREE Master Series webinar THIS SUNDAY with Erin.

Featured ZBC Thread: Samuel Compain



This latest Top Row piece takes us back to the days when quarters could be heard falling recklessly into the arcade machine’s we knew and loved. With this latest post, Samuel Compain aka Neobear, captures the old school sentiment of characters like Final Fight’s Mike Haggar and fast forwards us into hyper overdrive with a quasi-mech suited gunslinger!

Check out his post and see the complete breakdown of this incredible model for yourself with an in-depth tutorial on page 2. Neobear mentions everything from starting his work with Dynamesh, using primitives for accessories, Mesh extractions, Insert Mesh brushes, Polypainting and even gives us a quick glance at his rendering process inside ZBrush. This is definitely a post worth bookmarking for reference.

You can sharpen your skills in all these areas and more by visiting ZClassroom where a slew of FREE video tutorials are waiting for you.

New Courses from Digital Tutors



Our friends at Digital Tutors have added five new courses to their collection including a new Creative Development course! Check them out below or find more information on our 3rd Party Training page.

Sculpting a Demonic Creature in ZBrush

Sculpting Integration Concepts

Illustrating a Vintage Horror Film Poster in Photoshop and ZBrush

Creating an Aged Character and Artifacts in ZBrush and Maya

Creative Development: Concepting a Cyborg in ZBrush

ZBrush UGM: Gnomon School of Visual Effects



We’re set to take the stage inside the Gnomon School of Visual Effects Green Screen Room, here on the grounds of the Television Center in Hollywood.

Be there as we showcase the latest features and functions inside ZBrush 4R5. You’ll get an inside look at how to maximize your use of new features like, Panel Loops, Polish by Features, Frame Mesh settings to name a few.

Join us as we mix and mingle with other ZBrush community members and artists from various industries in an evening of digital clay talk.

The night promises to be filled with excitement and informative ZBrush demonstrations. Along with our own Paul Gaboury, we’ll have a special guest presentation with ZBrush artist and instructor, Rafael Grassetti.

For location, times, and more information on our presenters, please visit our Gnomon UGM page.

Grin and Bear It



Here’s another creepy offering from ZBrushCentral artist Peter Konig. With an unusually haunting tone to his work, Peter gives us another look into the darker side of things with these movie bad guys. No spoilers here! These latest characters can be seen roaming around in Jonathan Levine’s new twist on a modern love story titled, “Warm Bodies“. You can see more work by Peter on his website and inside his User Gallery.

Visit ZClassroom for constantly updated video tutorials, covering the latest features inside ZBrush.

Discover ZBrush 4R5



Our friends over at Novedge are hosting a free webinar with a presentation from Pixologic’s own 3D Application Engineer, Paul Gaboury. This webinar will be covering the newest features of ZBrush4R5 including an in depth understanding of how Panel Loops can be used for several modeling techniques. It will also cover hard surface modeling, take a look at new polish features and finish off the webinar with BPR render system to create a toon or comic book render.

This webinar is free and open to ZBrush users at all levels and artists who are interested in seeing the newest ZBrush features in action. Space is limited so sign up today!

Click here to register for the free webinar.

Top Of The Tops



Once in a while, a post comes up on ZBrushCentral that leaves our mouths gapping and has us wondering by what sinister magic human hands arrived at said conclusion. This latest Top Row nod sees Dan Ulrich arrive in style. The work is of a quality reminiscent of Norman Rockwell’s illustrations and the movement seen in Frederic Remington’s turn of the 19th century sculptures. Be sure to check out Dan’s user gallery for more top level ZBrush sculpts.

Check out the Top Row gallery for more of the best ZBrush sculpts. Remember to keep posting your latest ZBrush creations. You could be next!

New Turntable from Jason de Loos



Our most recent addition to the turntable gallery has provided us with seven images to feast our eyes on. Jason de Loos is a young artist just starting in his career, but he’s well on his way to being an industry giant! He definitely has an eye for anatomy and has an knack for putting his sculpts in dynamic poses. We look forward to seeing more from him in the future.

Take a look at all of the images in Jason’s Turntable Gallery and follow his artwork at ZBrushCentral.

Featured ZBC Thread: artsunshine



This latest ZBrushCentral post from Guang Yang, aka artsunshine, takes realism to new heights and lands on the TOP ROW. Check out the high quality details in this render. It’s enough to keep us meditating longer on how it was done! Luckily, artsunshine gives us a little breakdown inside his thread. Guang demonstrates the power of using displacement maps inside ZBrush and really ties this piece together. Check out more of artsunshine’s work inside his user gallery.

You can learn more about texturing and rendering inside ZClassroom. Don’t meditate too long, the Top Row could be waiting.

The Art of Anatomy with Cezar Brandao



We are proud to announce Cezar Brandao’s program is back by popular demand!
If you missed it the first time around, here’s your chance to jump in there and learn
with one of the true masters of the female form.

The first 4 weeks will get you prepped as you go through the process of learning anatomy
Bridgman style. This is truly a wonderful way to learn Artistic Anatomy as the simplification
of forms is something anyone can master.

The last 4 weeks will be a tour de force of the female portrait. There simply is nothing more difficult
to sculpt as it is often a matter of millimeters that can make or break your sculpt.

Program starts on February 17, Registration is open.

So come and learn Foundation of Beauty, The Art of Anatomy with Cezar Brandao.

Still undecided? Fell free to send your questions to

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