Daily Archive for March 22nd, 2013

Making A Stand On The Top Row




Bogi Piroth stands alone on the Top Row with her latest ZBrushcentral post. Her work leaves us wide eyed and drooling, with a collection of pieces worthy of a one woman show at any gallery around the world. Work of this caliber doesn’t come around every day and is cause for celebration. Piroth nails this latest series of sculptures and demonstrates a classic form typically associated with the work of a master. This leaves us asking only one question, when can we see some more?

Check out Bogi Piroth’s website and be sure to visit her user gallery to stay current with her latest work.

New DVD From Eat 3D: ZScripting with ZBrush



Eat 3D has released another DVD in their line of ZBrush training. In “ZScripting with ZBrush,” instructor Nick Miller gives a comprehensive introduction of ZScripting with ZBrush. He starts from the basics by showing how ZScripts are structured and going through the most common commands. From there Nick shows how to build a functional interface, how to correctly use routines and secondary actions for buttons, and how to use more complex commands such as variable lists and saving & loading files and preferences. Finally, Nick shows how to combine all of those steps to create a complex, feature rich tool which is compiled into a plugin.

This DVD is perfect for those who want to learn how to start ZScripting in ZBrush today to increase their productivity or for artists wishing to move from another scripting language and wish to get a head start.

To purchase this DVD or download, visit Eat3D.com.

Featured ZBrush Artist: Moises Gomes



Get an up close and inside the clay look at Moises Gomes with 3D artist magazine’s featured artist tutorial. You’ll see his process from concept to completion. Moises demonstrates everything from sculpting realistic skin details and adding accessories to your bust and even showcases his rendering techniques. Follow along and watch this Alex Oliver inspired Orc sculpt come to life. You can see more of Moises Gomes work by visiting his user gallery or taking a tour of his website. Either way, we’re sure the work inside will leave you inspired.

You can check out ZClassroom for detailed video tutorials on learning the basics of everything Moises covers in his tutorial and start your own Orc sculpting adventures. Take your surface detailing to new heights with our dedicated masking, strokes and alphas videos inside the Getting Started section of ZClassroom.

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