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Reviving The Surrealist In You



The origin of some design is hard to pinpoint. Sometimes that works to an artist’s advantage. In this case, it has Daniele Valeriani sitting high atop the world in a comfortable spot on the Top Row.

It’s easy to see why these images had us thinking about other worldly gardens and travel to uninhabited regions of the galaxy. Take the full tour by visiting his LVXIFER user gallery inside ZBrushCentral.

These latest images are derived from Daniele’s constant experimentation with things like, UV displacements and polygrouping. You can learn more about powerful features like these and a whole lot more inside ZClassroom.

ZBrush Artist Spotlight: Pablo Vicentin



Pablo Vicentin aka PabloV3D on the ZBrushCentral forum, pulls out all stops and takes us on a tour of his latest work. Some of these sculptures come from his professional work on franchises like Max Payne 3, Twisted Metal and Counter Strike. Stop in at his user gallery to see more of his ZBrush labors of love.

A quick visit to his website will yield even more character art goodness. With a collection of 2d and 3d art to scan through, we’re certain you’ll be just as inspired as we are.

Into The Dark With John Mahoney



Step inside the shadows and explore the power of generating creepy, psychologically driven characters and creatures with John Mahoney. John’s work takes the dark elements of Geiger and pulls them until they stretch to a place Schiele would approve of.

This class will offer students the opportunity to learn with a true master in character and creature conceptualization and shouldn’t be missed. John currently teaches at the California Institute of the Arts and USC. You can learn more about John by visiting his website. If you are looking to find more freaky sculpts, stop in at his user gallery on ZBrushCentral.

This is definitely a class you don’t want to miss!




Creative Reasoning & Character Development with Cameron Farn



The folks at ZBrush Workshops have recently released another exciting course. Prepare yourself for 8 weeks of fantastic training with Cameron Farn where he’ll lead you through the creative process and logic of character development. You will learn how to breathe life into believable characters living in equally believable and unique worlds. Cameron’s insight into creative reasoning and distinct perspectives on character and creature designs will give you incredibly valuable life-lessons on your journey as an artist and professional. You don’t want miss this class! Sign up here

Course Software requirements: ZBrush 4R4 P2 / R5, Adobe Photoshop, and a Digital Camera

About Cameron Farn: Cameron Farn was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, where he currently works and resides. He is the lead Creative Director for F&D Scene Changes, and has worked on many diverse projects spanning from cinema to commercial design. His feature film credits include 3D Modeller for 2008′s Death Race; and head of props fabrication for F&D during construction of Kathryn Bigelow’s K-19: The Widowmaker. He served in the same capacity for F&D during the Broadway build of the multi-Tony Award winning musical Wicked and its touring productions.

Sign Up for Creative Reasoning & Character Development with Cameron Farn

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