ZBrush Artist Spotlight: Hector Moran



ZBrushCentral artist Hector Moran’s anime inspired characters look like they’re ready for take-off. In this case, they don’t have to fly too far because they’ve landed right where they belong on the Top Row. Hector gives a detailed breakdown of his process inside his latest post. You’ll see how he incorporates features like Panel LoopsTranspose and Posing functionality to take his designs further.

Hector’s work is characterized by a clean style and accentuates the dynamic nature of the character’s movement. Visit his user gallery for more ZBrush sculptures and to keep up with his latest activities. Some of these awesome characters are even available as collectibles. Be sure to check out Kingdom Death Boutique Nightmare Horror’s “Scared Survivor” series to get your hands on limited edition miniature resin figures!

Stop in at Hector’s website to see more of his professional and personal work.

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