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Standing In Defiance



Defying gravity and soaring to the Top Row is no problem for the team at Trion Worlds Inc. Defiance marks their first foray into the world of massive online shooters. ZBrushCentral member sarakawa gives us the latest in character art from the project. This is one thick thread, full of great character models that get our thumbs itching for a controller. We’re tipping our hats to the entire team, but giving a special nod to Satoshi Arakawa, for sharing the latest and greatest from this blockbuster.

Defiance is no ordinary game. This massive, online third-person shooter even has its own television counterpart on the SyFy network. Now you can play the game and watch the show. The only question is, what are you waiting for? Get your copy today for Xbox, Playstation or PC.

Slashing In 360 Degrees



If there’s something we like, it’s Wolverine. He’s been slashing his way through the Marvel universe for almost 40 years! What’s better than an awesome render? Seeing this Jason Mark interpretation of everybody’s favorite Canuck in 360 degrees inside the Turntable Gallery.

Recently, Jason Mark was sitting high up in the clouds on the TopRow for his efforts with this Frank Miller inspired piece. Nuff said!

Rider On The Stone



Ben Selwy rolls onto the TopRow with this prehistoric rider. Remember The Flintstones? It’s a sure bet that this rad ride could tear up the streets of Bedrock. Get your pre-historic fix and more, by checking out Ben’s latest tutorial. For even more stone-age goodness, visit Ben Selwy’s user gallery inside the ZBrushCentral forum. You can take an even longer ride with Ben by racing over to his website.

Parts And Pieces



There’s nothing sleepy going on with ZBrushCentral member Sam Burton’s latest post. This techno-weapon has us reaching for an intergalactic holster. The cowboy of the future looks like he’s in good hands with this one. For more robotic and hard surface modeling mania, be sure to visit the sleepfight user gallery. Keep a close watch on this thread for a video breakdown of the entire gun slinging process.

ZClassroom is full of video tutorials showcasing all you’ll need to know to generate your own hard surface models.

A Pirate’s Life Inside The Turntable Gallery



This Turntable Pirate is on a 360 degree tour! Get a closer look at every wrinkle and fold, with Cleyton Jonnas Da Silva as your guide. Cleyton sites Carlos Huante as the concept designer for this latest addition to the Turntable Gallery. Interestingly enough, clayton_js started the whole thing in Dynamesh. You too, can embark on your own adventures on the high seas inside ZBrush. Before you set sail, be sure to stop in at ZClassroom for some much needed video tutorial supplies. You never know what tricks you’ll need to call upon while out in the deep!

Render Splender



Fabio Bautista pounds the ground with his latest ZBrushCentral post. Showing how far you can bend the render capabilities inside ZBrush, Fabio aka Maxter, limits his render to just one pass! That’s right, only one pass to bring this Troll into the realm of render splender. Watch the accompanying video for a more in-depth look at how this incredible end result was achieved. Be sure to catch a glimpse of some new and old favorites, by visiting Fabio’s blog.

Take your understanding of texturing and rendering further with our dedicated video tutorials inside ZClassroom.

A Touch Of Davidness



David Richardson is at it again. This time, he’s hosting a 2 hour video detailing his hard surface process. Watch as he covers features like Clip-Curve brushes, Spotlight for reference and Shadow box to name a few. You’ll see the necessary steps to design and build your own mech helmet.

Davidness is no stranger on the ZBrushCentral forum. Be sure to check out his user gallery to see the latest from this ZBrusher from across the pond. If that doesn’t fill your cup, visit his website for even more Davidness!

For more video tutorial action, slide your way into ZClassroom and explore topics like the ones covered in David’s videos.

Yesterday’s Warrior



Defending the Top Row like an ancient warrior isn’t easy. This latest post is courtesy of ZBrushCentral artist Cedric Seaut. Cedric has captured and tamed the wild warrior within, to arrive at this awesome conclusion. The concept sculpts were done using ZBrush for an unreleased game. Too bad! We were hoping to give this one a walkthrough. You can see more of the concept art by the talented Jacob here. Be sure to visit Cedric’s user gallery to see more fighting brave ZBrush art.

New Courses from Digital Tutors!



Digital Tutors has released two new courses! In the new Skill-Builder course, dive into the world of ZBrush to learn sculpting techniques and how to apply them to different projects. As an experienced ZBrush user, master MicroMesh to add an edge to your current projects while following along in the MicroMesh Techniques in ZBrush tutorial. Check them out!

Skill-Builder: Sculpting in ZBrush and Maya

MicroMesh Techniques in ZBrush

For more information and additional courses check out our 3rd Party Training page.

Bare Knuckle Brawler



Renaud Galand takes us into the cartoon side of ZBrushing with his latest ZBrushCentral post. This toon style brawler is looking ready to lay down a fist full of surprises. Galand used ZBrush to generate his mesh and work out the rough in phase, while bringing this latest piece to life. Texturing, posing and FiberMesh were also incorporated by Galand to help generate a dynamic final render. Visit Renaud’s user gallery to see more toon goodness and creature madness. Renaud is a busy guy, taking a short moment to visit his website is a great way to keep up to speed with his latest creations.

ZBrush comes fully equipped with a tool chest full of sculpting brushes waiting for you to explore. If you’re into making cartoon characters, be sure to check out the IMM Toon Brush shipped with your copy of ZBrush. Inside you’ll gain access to a collection of ready-made base heads, torsos, hands and feet to mention a few. Combining these brushes with Dynamesh is a quick way to generate ideas and start your next creation.

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