Daily Archive for April 12th, 2013

All Dolled Up



If you’re into anime, then this is the sculpture for you! ZBrushCentral artist, Jang Seong Hwan’s latest sculpt has us dusting off our copies of the Sailor Moon animated series. This latest post sees Hwan, aka flcl38, utilizing ZBrush to generate the finer details associated with accessories and clothing. You’ll want to check out the Insert mesh brushes in conjunction with the Curve mode for creating quick and easy to apply stitches and buttons to your fashion forward characters.

Learn about these features and more inside ZClassroom. With constantly updated video tutorials, ZClassroom is the place to explore the tools you need to get the job done.

Taking A Bite Outta The Turntable Gallery



Ready to gnaw his way into the TurnTable Gallery, this latest Lorenzo Actis Dato piece is worth taking for a 360 degree spin. Be sure to visit the TurnTable Gallery for a more dynamic view of some interesting and sophisticated ZBrush models.

Lorenzo’s latest piece is a great example of color and design working in unison to bring his character to life. You can generate more complex texture and color schemes on your characters by incorporating features like Polypainting inside ZBrush.

Enter The Wolverine



Over the last 40 years or so, Wolverine has gradually evolved into one of the most recognizable characters in the Marvel universe. This latest post by ZBrushCentral member J.E. Mark, claws its way to the Top Row and ensures that the Wolverine name isn’t the only one you’ll be remembering.

The entire project was completed by sculpting, texturing and rendering the whole thing in ZBrush. That’s some pretty impressive clay slashing!

Visit ZClassroom and take advantage of our segmented video tutorial sections dealing with everything from sculpting, to texturing and rendering.

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