Daily Archive for April 17th, 2013

The Arzack Warrior Redux



To say that Jean Giraud Moebius was an influential figure in the world of art is more than an understatement. The man virtually invented science fiction and the visual esthetic of the genre. The Turn Table Gallery has a new addition with this latest piece by ZBrushCentral member Fareed Dridi. The Arzack comic book served as the primary influence for this latest sculpture. Fareed used ZBrush to bring his own rendition of this timeless desert wanderer to life. The props and character were sculpted and polypainted inside ZBrush. Visit ZBrushCentral to see more of Fareed’s work inside his user gallery. You’ll also get a kick out of visiting the GFactory website, where more awesome ZBrush work is waiting for you.

Heating Up The Streets



ZBrushCentral artist Sean-Ray Pugh, gives us a glimpse of the behind the scenes action that went into making this latest Moving Picture Company (MPC) ad spot for Samsung. You’ll think it’s the second coming of Jurassic Park. Ooops, we have a spoiler! Be sure to check out his user gallery to get an up close and personal look at every last scale. Pugh used ZBrush to sculpt the T-Rex and Lava creature. Don’t miss your chance to get up close and personal with this UK based artist by visiting his website.

For additional resources and to push your ZBrush sculpting further, be sure to visit our Download Center. You can download everything from a collection of alphas, to materials for use while sculpting and texturing your next creation. Visit the Download Center today and start building a bigger ZBrush tool kit!

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