Daily Archive for April 24th, 2013

Yesterday’s Warrior



Defending the Top Row like an ancient warrior isn’t easy. This latest post is courtesy of ZBrushCentral artist Cedric Seaut. Cedric has captured and tamed the wild warrior within, to arrive at this awesome conclusion. The concept sculpts were done using ZBrush for an unreleased game. Too bad! We were hoping to give this one a walkthrough. You can see more of the concept art by the talented Jacob here. Be sure to visit Cedric’s user gallery to see more fighting brave ZBrush art.

New Courses from Digital Tutors!



Digital Tutors has released two new courses! In the new Skill-Builder course, dive into the world of ZBrush to learn sculpting techniques and how to apply them to different projects. As an experienced ZBrush user, master MicroMesh to add an edge to your current projects while following along in the MicroMesh Techniques in ZBrush tutorial. Check them out!

Skill-Builder: Sculpting in ZBrush and Maya

MicroMesh Techniques in ZBrush

For more information and additional courses check out our 3rd Party Training page.

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