Daily Archive for April 25th, 2013

A Pirate’s Life Inside The Turntable Gallery



This Turntable Pirate is on a 360 degree tour! Get a closer look at every wrinkle and fold, with Cleyton Jonnas Da Silva as your guide. Cleyton sites Carlos Huante as the concept designer for this latest addition to the Turntable Gallery. Interestingly enough, clayton_js started the whole thing in Dynamesh. You too, can embark on your own adventures on the high seas inside ZBrush. Before you set sail, be sure to stop in at ZClassroom for some much needed video tutorial supplies. You never know what tricks you’ll need to call upon while out in the deep!

Render Splender



Fabio Bautista pounds the ground with his latest ZBrushCentral post. Showing how far you can bend the render capabilities inside ZBrush, Fabio aka Maxter, limits his render to just one pass! That’s right, only one pass to bring this Troll into the realm of render splender. Watch the accompanying video for a more in-depth look at how this incredible end result was achieved. Be sure to catch a glimpse of some new and old favorites, by visiting Fabio’s blog.

Take your understanding of texturing and rendering further with our dedicated video tutorials inside ZClassroom.

A Touch Of Davidness



David Richardson is at it again. This time, he’s hosting a 2 hour video detailing his hard surface process. Watch as he covers features like Clip-Curve brushes, Spotlight for reference and Shadow box to name a few. You’ll see the necessary steps to design and build your own mech helmet.

Davidness is no stranger on the ZBrushCentral forum. Be sure to check out his user gallery to see the latest from this ZBrusher from across the pond. If that doesn’t fill your cup, visit his website for even more Davidness!

For more video tutorial action, slide your way into ZClassroom and explore topics like the ones covered in David’s videos.

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