Daily Archive for April 30th, 2013

Standing In Defiance



Defying gravity and soaring to the Top Row is no problem for the team at Trion Worlds Inc. Defiance marks their first foray into the world of massive online shooters. ZBrushCentral member sarakawa gives us the latest in character art from the project. This is one thick thread, full of great character models that get our thumbs itching for a controller. We’re tipping our hats to the entire team, but giving a special nod to Satoshi Arakawa, for sharing the latest and greatest from this blockbuster.

Defiance is no ordinary game. This massive, online third-person shooter even has its own television counterpart on the SyFy network. Now you can play the game and watch the show. The only question is, what are you waiting for? Get your copy today for Xbox, Playstation or PC.

Slashing In 360 Degrees



If there’s something we like, it’s Wolverine. He’s been slashing his way through the Marvel universe for almost 40 years! What’s better than an awesome render? Seeing this Jason Mark interpretation of everybody’s favorite Canuck in 360 degrees inside the Turntable Gallery.

Recently, Jason Mark was sitting high up in the clouds on the TopRow for his efforts with this Frank Miller inspired piece. Nuff said!

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