In The Dark Of Night

Posted on April 13, 2013 by Melissa


Frank Miller’s Batman is a dark and brooding character. One with complexities and contradictions indicative of the most tortured souls. We empathize with the character because he is conflicted. We cheer for him because we all want to overcome something. ZBrushCentral artist Jason Martin has us cheering and applauding, at how he’s overcome the long line of great art submitted daily to the ZBrushCentral forum and landed himself on the Top Row. This latest post is a great rendition of an old favorite and we never get tired of Gotham’s finest. Check out more of Jason’s work inside his user gallery on ZBrushCentral. Visit Jason’s website for a closer look. We’re sure you’re already very familiar with this ZBrusher’s exploits.

2 responses to “In The Dark Of Night”

  1. Grant says:

    I love this sketch! Frank Miller would be proud. This could also pas as Marv from Sin City moonlighting as The Dark Knight!

    I am new to Sculptris, I can’t afford Zbrush yet and I was wondering how do I begin to post my sketches up for people to view on my profile. Can you help?

    Thank you very much! Grant

  2. melissa says:

    Hi Grant, Welcome to the world of Sculptris! We hope you’re enjoying the program. We have a forum on ZBrushCentral dedicated to Sculptris users. You can post your work there, see what other people are creating, get inspiration, and get feedback from other artists. Creating an account at ZBC is easy and free, and posting a new thread is pretty simple, too. Visit the Sculptris forum on ZBrushCentral here. Good luck and happy Sculpting!

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