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Taking A Bite Outta The Turntable Gallery



Ready to gnaw his way into the TurnTable Gallery, this latest Lorenzo Actis Dato piece is worth taking for a 360 degree spin. Be sure to visit the TurnTable Gallery for a more dynamic view of some interesting and sophisticated ZBrush models.

Lorenzo’s latest piece is a great example of color and design working in unison to bring his character to life. You can generate more complex texture and color schemes on your characters by incorporating features like Polypainting inside ZBrush.

Enter The Wolverine



Over the last 40 years or so, Wolverine has gradually evolved into one of the most recognizable characters in the Marvel universe. This latest post by ZBrushCentral member J.E. Mark, claws its way to the Top Row and ensures that the Wolverine name isn’t the only one you’ll be remembering.

The entire project was completed by sculpting, texturing and rendering the whole thing in ZBrush. That’s some pretty impressive clay slashing!

Visit ZClassroom and take advantage of our segmented video tutorial sections dealing with everything from sculpting, to texturing and rendering.

FREE WEBINAR with Kurt Papstein from Phoenix Atelier



We’re excited to announce the return of Kurt Papstein to Phoenix Atelier for another
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Bursting At The Seams



Arkham City’s Solomon Grundy bursts to life in this high caliber action figure by none other than ZBrushCentral artist, Joe Menna. Joe is a long time member of the ZBrushCentral community and this Batman bad guy gets himself a spot on the coveted Top Row.

This version of Solomon Grundy is a whopping 13” and was sculpted and engineered by Joe using features like Dynamesh. The printing, casting and painting duties were handed over to Jason Wires. The project’s art director was Bryon Webster. This latest piece is part of the DC Collectibles line and pretty cool if you ask us! Visit Joe Menna’s website and user gallery to see an awesome collection of traditional and digital artwork.

Take advantage of a six part video tutorial series inside ZClassroom, featuring Jeff Feligno. Jeff highlights everything you’ll need to know to make your very own action figures using ZBrush.

New Courses from Digital Tutors



Check out these two new courses released by Digital Tutors! Get started with their highly-requested 6-hour Introduction to ZBrush video or get mythical with the new Creating a Centaur course. For more courses and information check out our Third Party Training page.

Caution To The Wind In 360 Degrees



Mariano Steiner is a long time contributor to the ZBrushCentral community. His latest Turntable Gallery showcases some of his most recent creations. From Brock Lesnar to the legendary Thor, you’re bound to be inspired by Mariano’s work. If you are looking to see more of this talented sculptor’s art, stop in at his blog and pay him a visit.

LOOK Effects’ Warm Bodies with Jelmer Boskma



Over the years, Jelmer Boskma (known at ZBC under the user name Jelmer) has used ZBrush to create some truly memorable characters. Who could forget his treatment of Johnny Depp, or his Senator Tumblestone and Mr. Bigears creations? Over the last couple of years he has been pretty quiet on ZBC but that certainly isn’t because he hasn’t been creative! In fact he has been extremely busy, working on such projects as Tron: Legacy, Thor and more recently, Warm Bodies.

While zombies have appeared in a large number of productions over the years, Look Effects and Jelmer wanted to give them a new twist: creating a look where their clothing had actually begun to become absorbed into their decaying bodies. In this interview, he talks about how ZBrush was used to help accomplish that – and much more!

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