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New Digital Tutors Courses



Start your summer off right with these four new courses from Digital Tutors!

Creating a Portfolio-Ready Demon Concept in ZBrush

Creating a Fantasy Creature from Concept Art in ZBrush

Making a 3D Character Previsualizations in ZBrush

Creating a Prehistoric Creature Bust in ZBrush and Photoshop

For more courses and additional information check out our 3rd Party Training page.

ZBrush 4R6 Released!



Pixologic is pleased to announce the release of ZBrush 4R6 for Windows and Mac!

ZBrush 4R6 continues to improve and enhance ZBrush functionality by giving artists access to a rich toolset of new features designed to excite their creativity and boost productivity.

Central to Release 6 is ZRemesher: an evolution of ZBrush’s automatic retopology tool. It analyzes the curves in a mesh to produce a very natural polygon flow. Yet it also achieves these better results in significantly less time. Of course, when an artist wants more control ZRemesher provides features such as local density management and curve flow orientation. Furthermore, a new and innovative feature of ZRemesher is its ability to perform local retopology to a specific part of the mesh while keeping all border vertex points welded to the rest of the model.

The response from the artist community since ZRemesher was released has been overwhelming, with many saying that they can now do in minutes what used to take days! Visit the official ZBrushCentral thread to read what they are saying.

But that’s not all! ZBrush 4R6 also introduces a number of other enhancements. New brushes further extend the sculpting toolkit, including the new Trim Curve, Bridge Curve and Creasing brushes. DynaMesh — ZBrush’s revolutionary concepting tool — now preserves PolyGroups. This is perfect for sculpting hard surfaces! And speaking of hard surfaces, the Panel Loops feature has been expanded with two new options to deliver even more flexibility.

These are just a few of the highlights of ZBrush 4R6, which is a FREE UPGRADE for existing registered users. These features and other enhancements are described on the ZBrush 4R6 Feature Pages.

Behind the Scenes with Little Wonder Studio



Toys! Happy Meals! Pez dispensers! We often take for granted all the little gewgaws that find their way into our everyday lives. Sure, some of them can be collectibles that end up being worth a fortune years down the road, but even then who really thinks much about how these cool little items come to be? Well, it turns out that Little Wonder Studio puts a lot of thought into exactly that topic – not just the technical aspect but also the artistic side. It also turns out that ZBrush has been a revolutionary tool for them! This interview has been a true pleasure to put together. Right in keeping with the company’s roots and traditions, you’ll discover that it is filled with a good sense of fun, side by side with great detail. We hope you enjoy it!

Read the interview

Ryan Kingslien’s ZBrush Certification Course – Starts mid-June



Find out how ZBrush works and make it work for you! Ryan Kingslien is going to teach you each and every feature of ZBrush, what it does and why. Then you’ll learn the best way to use those tools and how to create highly effective workflows to help you get work done faster than ever before. Ryan’s even going to use his personal sculpting methods to help you unlock your creativity, because in the end, it’s not just about learning ZBrush’s features, it’s about discovering your inner sculptor and reaching your full potential as an artist!

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New Digital Tutors Courses



Our friends at Digital Tutors have released three new ZBrush tutorials! Beat June Gloom and get started sculpting with one of these unique courses!

Designing a Scary Female Monster in ZBrush

Creating a Mech Archer Concept in ZBrush

Creating an Aged Portrait in ZBrush

For more information or tutorials check out our 3rd Party Training page.

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