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Fresh Off the Press from Digital-Tutors!



Our friends at Digital-Tutors have released two brand new courses. Don’t miss out!

Sculpting Human Arms in ZBrush

Designing a Surreal Female Character in ZBrush

For more courses and information check out our 3rd Party Training Page

Make Robots in ZBrush with Furio Tedeschi – Starts September 3rd



How do you create robots that look so real that they could be marching down the street outside your house right now?  You’ll need an eye for robotic design, a solid understanding of hard surface sculpting, and the skills to composite your model in a believable environment.  Find out how to do all of that and more with mech master, Furio Tedeschi’s, in ZBrushWorkshop’s new course, Make Robots In ZBrush!

For more information and to sign up for the course, visit

New Course from Phoenix Atelier featuring Andrew Baker



Andrew Baker, Senior Designer at Weta Workshop Design Studios, in a world exclusive at Phoenix Atelier! Will be teaching a New Program, Breathing life and presence into “DIGITAL CREATURES”! Using current digital software like ZBrush. Andrew shows you his design process and philosophy of conceptualizing a realistic creature or character for digital FX on a feature film. Designing a hero and generic orc like he does for, The Hobbit.

From concept, sculpting, coloring, final pose/expression, final illustration and sculpture (Design Marquette and perhaps prototype). How to use real life references and people to come up with fresh approach to an orc and create a character capable of speech and having presence on screen.

Take a step towards a better tomorrow come and learn today at Phoenix Atelier.

Registration is open, with his program starting on Sept 16, 2013. Visit to reserve your spot today.

Check out an interview the folks at Phoenix Atelier did with Andrew last month:

Andrew Baker Interview, Senior Designer on The Hobbit

New Digital-Tutors Courses



Digital-Tutors has released four fresh and exciting ZBrush courses. Check them out!

What’s New in ZBrush4R6

Creating a Stylized Cartoon Bird in ZBrush

Sculpting Human Torsos in ZBrush

Creating a Game-Ready Monster Insect in ZBrush and 3ds Max

For more courses and information visit our 3rd Party Training Page

The Trojan Horse was a Unicorn Festival in Portugal



This September the Trojan Horse was a Unicorn Festival will take the beautiful Troia Peninsula in Portugal by storm, by gathering some of the best artists and companies in the VFX, Gaming and Animation industries. It’s a festival for the fearless. The passionated. The restless. The eager to learn. It’s talent having fun in a paradise setting. With a roster of great speakers from Pixar, ILM, Luma Pictures, Framestore, Massive Black, Platige, Blizzard, Ubisoft or Sony Imageworks, as well as a stellar cast of freelance artists, the THU Festival will provide an excellent opportunity to learn and network with the best in the business. Check out what the THU Festival is all about at

Discovering ZBrush 4R6



Join Novedge and Pixologic’s own 3D Product Development Manager, Paul Gaboury, as he highlights the new features in ZBrush 4R6. Paul will extensively cover ZRemesher along with the new brushes, Trim and Crease. He will also be walking you through how using polygroups with DynaMesh can create a unique workflow for design. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover what ZBrush can do for you.

The webinar is free and will last about about 1 hour, including the Q & A session.

For more information, visit (for a direct link to sign up for the webinar, click here).

All Locked Up



If you are trying to find new ways to get twisted inside ZBrush, don’t miss this great tutorial covering everything you’ll need to know about generating realistic dreadlocks using FiberMesh. Coming in at a whopping 23 pages, this is no ordinary tutorial! ZBrushCentral member Pablo Munoz Gomez aka Pablander, locks it down with this over the top offering. Be sure to download the PDF file in all its glory to start generating your own Marley inspired dreads. If you want to take your understanding of the Fibermesh settings further, visit ZClassroom for an entire series of video tutorials dealing with creating hair.

One Bolt At A Time



Now’s your chance to show the world you’ve got the bionic parts to be a winner. The Stan Winston School of Character Arts is hosting a wild contest guaranteed to get your bolts twisted the right way! Check out the guidelines and rules by visiting the contest homepage.

The grand prize winner will take home a rapid prototyped robot produced by Legacy Effects valued at $1500.00 bucks!

For the latest on how to maximize your hard surface adventures inside ZBrush, be sure to visit ZClassroom and take advantage of our Panel Loops and Vehicle Design tutorials to name a few.

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