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Scary-Good Free Training with Digital-Tutors!



It’s Halloween time and the creatures are on the loose. Watch exclusive spooky free training all week long to help you learn hair-raising new skills.

Courses include:

Character Creation Pipeline in Maya and ZBrush

Illustrating a Vintage Horror Film Poster in Photoshop and ZBrush

Designing Scary Film Monsters in ZBrush

Check them out!

New Digital-Tutors Courses!



Check out these two new courses released by our friends at Digital-Tutors!

Creating an Armored Beast in ZBrush

Creating a Detailed Forest Creature in ZBrush

For more information check out our 3rd Party Training page

Bluegfx Hosts Their Annual Expo



Pixologic is once again supporting, our UK ZBrush reseller, bluegfx, with their annual bluegfx expo event which is being held on 30 Oct 2013 at the London Film Museum (Southbank)… just a 5 minute walk from Waterloo train station. Glen Southern will be demonstrating the latest features of ZBrush 4R6 plus his recent work on “The Last Days on Mars”. Glen will be hosting both a morning and afternoon session and also showing off his skills on the Wacom stand in the exhibition area.

The bluegfx expo is a day dedicated to the latest in 3D technology and other highlights include a Skyfall presentation from Framestore plus an early preview of V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max. Please register at

Flying A New Course



Take a tour of our Turntable Gallery and you’ll notice a new addition. ThePriest showcases the harder edge of digital sculpting. This remarkable steampunk hummingbird started life as a simple Dynamesh sphere that was quickly chopped, cut and manipulated into its present form. Other key features used in the development of this piece included ZRemesher, Panel Loops and Multi-Mesh brushes. You can see more of ThePriest by visiting his user gallery. If you are interested in using Insert brushes and Multi Mesh brushes, visit the dedicated Multi-Mesh Repository inside the ZBrushCentral forum.

2013 ZBrushCentral Halloween Contest



For this contest, you must sculpt an iconic character from one of the horror films listed on the contest page. However, you must put a twist on your character by re-imagining him (or her) in an unexpected scenario. Something that would shade (pun intended) a new light on the character. What would the character do if he (or she) were not in a horror movie? What if Frankenstein was a nurse? Freddy Kruger as a mailman? Maybe Samara from “The Ring” moonlights as a hair dresser? Use your imagination and surprise us!

Get all the rules, regulations, and most importantly the list of prizes at the official 2013 ZBrushCentral Halloween Contest page.

Good luck!

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