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New From ZBW: The Complete Figure Sculpting Bundle



The Complete Figure Sculpting Bundle combines two of ZBrushWorkshops’ finest master classes to give you the best possible training in figure sculpting.  With this bundle, you will have full access to both “Female Figure Sculpting In ZBrush with Cesar Zambelli” and “Male Figure Sculpting In ZBrush with Jose Pericles”.

Create elegant, convincing female characters, and capture the strength and versatility of the male figure with two top-level figure artists!

To find out more and to sign up, visit

Getting a Wrap on Things



Taking ideas from simple design sketches to finished products has never been easier. Every day, artists continue to publish creations that push the envelope of what was once considered science fiction. Tareq Mirza is on a mission to rid the world of tangled headphone wires. The Bud-E ear bud wrapping case is a unique and exciting little invention that makes untangling and wrapping up your wires a thing of the past. Recently, Tareq shared his process and inspiration for his latest industrial designs. When asked how it all came together, the answer was simple, “none of these designs would be possible without ZBrush and features like Dynamesh and Curve slice brushes. Adding to this, Decimation Master gave Tareq the freedom to “easily adjust the design” without worrying about topology.

Check out more of Tareq’s work and the Bud-E ear buds, by visiting the Ektera homepage. Keep your eyes peeled for cool product designs and out of this world art on ZBrushCentral.

CG Society Contest: Creatures CGPortfolio Mini-Challenge



You know the only thing wrong with the holiday season? Not enough monsters. Luckily, between now and the 23rd of December, CGSociety is giving you the chance to upload as many creepy, slimy, toothy, hairy, leggy, scaly, craggy, smelly, weird or just plain scary (or even beautiful) beings as your heart desires.

Your creatures can be 2D or 3D – they can be WIPs or fully realised – they can be whatever you like. You just need to upload them to your CGPortfolio before December 23rd 2013 and put them in the “Creatures” category.

After this date, the five judges (all contributors to The Essence – Creatures ) will each choose their favorite piece, and tell us why they like it. There are no other criteria – it’s entirely up to them (and their decisions are final!)

Winners will receive a free slip-case copy of The Essence – Creatures, a years’ free CGSConnect Membership and a free CGTOD of their choice. Your CGPortfolio will also be showcased via CGSociety’s social media.

The judges are:
Bryan Wynia
Josh Herman
Martin Rezard
Jim Van Den Bogart
Ian Joyner

Happy uploading! Post any questions in this thread (or links to your CGPortfolio, if you like).

Turntable Gallery Updates: Damon Woods



Our newest member of the Turntable Gallery, Damon Woods (aka DK Woods at ZBrushCentral), has provided a few incredibly detailed characters, along with closeups of each one. Damon started his career as a 3D generalist, but has spent his evenings working in ZBrush to hone his character design skills. We think he was pretty successful!

Check out Damon’s work at our Turntable Gallery, and see more of his creations at his user gallery at ZBrushCentral.

Digital Sculpture: The Male Figure with Tyler Breon



CGWorkshops has a brand new workshop coming your way in February. Tyler Breon is running a male anatomy class, and they have early bird pricing until midnight on Thursday, December 5th – $499 instead of the usual $599!

Whether you work in games or film, are in school, or on the path to a full-time position, a solid understanding of the human figure and how to create it is one of the most important assets a Character Artist/Modeler can have. This course breaks down the human figure into a simple, easy to digest process, and gives artists the foundational knowledge needed to produce believable, anatomically correct and visually stunning CG characters.

Visit to reserve your spot, and get the early bird special, today!

Twisted Horror Contest WINNERS!



The results are in!

After six weeks of work by the many participating artists, the completed entries were sent to our distinguished judging panel to arrive at ten finalists. We then moved into a public voting phase where the community was able to weigh in via Facebook.

Now at last we have our winners! Each is listed below, along with information about the entry and the prize that will be awarded.

Please join us in congratulating each of these outstanding artists!

Winner: gkhopatk (View ZBC Thread).
2nd Place: jayantamazumder (View ZBC Thread).
3rd Place: scottleroc (View ZBC Thread).

Check out the Twisted Horror Forum at ZBrushCentral to see the WIP threads of all the contestants.

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