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Classics Reborn



3D printing is changing the name of the game when it comes to taking designs from screen to print! ZBrushCentral’s own monstermaker aka Hollywood special effects and make-up guru, Rick Baker is realizing physical renditions of classics like Popeye and others from his digital sculpting catalogue. Utilizing a MakerBot printer, monstermaker’s digital sculpts look to have gained new life! What this means for the production of creepy statues and prosthetic parts is a classic game of wait and see!



No Monkey Business Here



Capturing the sentiment of a sophisticated creature is no easy task. This latest piece is a testament to the hard work and dedication needed to arrive at a believable conclusion. The advertisement was developed for Peta and ensures that only humans worked hard in the making of this short. Having ZBrush available helped with capturing high resolution details. Check out some of the breakdowns from The Mill to see how this little chimp came to life.

Riding Into Battle



You may already be familiar with Maxence aka MFleuret on the ZBrushCentral Forum. He recently joined our group of guest artists for the 3D Printer World Expo “sculpt off” challenge. This latest piece sees him ride into battle on a new pony while solidifying a spot on the Top Row.

Tapping Into A New Vein



Check out the first music video produced by Dvein production studios in Barcelona. Creepy is a good way to describe the liquefied nightmare that unfolds. ZBrush artist, Luis Gomez Guzman helped by adding final details to faces and environments. Visit their site for more videos.


Tools Of The Trade



Wacom is synonymous with quality. Their line of Bamboo, Intuos and Cintiq products continue to provide artists with the necessary platforms to achieve at the highest levels. This latest promo video takes us into the world of education at the Savannah College of Art and Design and demonstrates the profound influence Wacom and ZBrush are having on new generations of designers and digital artists.

Captain Of The High Seas



When the ship has sailed and you need a real pirate to bring you home, look to ZBrushCentral member Sookanguan_P and his Gol D. Roger, The Captain King.  The render was completed using the BPR functionality inside ZBrush. There’s more manga madness inside his user gallery.

Imported Heroes



If its anime you’re after, be sure to check out the latest offerings from Tsume Art and collectibles. Their latest works feature some of the biggest names in Japanese animation and gaming sculpted in ZBrush. These resin or PVC works are extremely detailed and feature dynamic poses sure to bring life to your desk or table top!

The Printed World



The printed world is expanding at a fever pitch. With the ability to take your designs from screen to print in just a few short presses of a button, the idea of holding your creations in your hands is more accessible than ever before! Mold 3D  is a new full service printing provider dedicated to helping you bring your creations to life. Visit their website to learn more about how they can help meet your needs.

Garden Variety Sculptures



These little planters give you the ultimate in DIY power. What’s better than designing and 3D printing your own custom flower pots? We couldn’t think of a better way to dress up your sun room or walls. With Mod Pods, you get the best of a modular indoor wall garden like no other! ZBrushCentral member Dalton Bissell’s user gallery is full of “green thumb” action with a little Christmas flair!


Generations: Abdullah And Khalid Al Muharraqi



The “father-son” combo of Abdullah and Khalid Al Muharraqi are set to make history on the island of Bahrain on March 3, 2014. The evening gala will see the duo exhibit a collection of their works inside the Shaikh Ebrahim Mohammed Al-Kalifa Center for Culture and Research. The Center for Culture and Research is a leading institution in the preservation and advancement of art in the region. With a reputation that extends as far as France, Korea and Spain to name a few, the two artists are poised to continue the tradition of excellence associated with their work through the generations in this first ever “father-son” show. You may already be familiar with the work of Khalid, whose dynamic ZBrush sculptures were featured in an Artist Interview on ZBrushCentral. If you are in the area, the show is a must see!

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