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Mastering Human Anatomy in ZBrush



Anatomy Tools and Gnomon School of Visual Effects have joined forces to bring you a 5-day workshop to titled “Mastering Human Anatomy in ZBrush”. This instensive workshop takes place at the Gnomon campus in Hollywood, from April 2nd – April 6th for 8 hours each day.

Work one-on-one with industry giants Andrew Cawrse and Kris Costa as you sculpt from live models and have your anatomy woes solved with step-by-step demonstrations.

With over 50 hours of instruction, demonstrations, and literature, this workshop is a must for all digital artists who want to master the human form.

Register now at to reserve your spot!

Damon Albarn: Gorilla Unchained



Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz fame, steps into the world of digital clay with his latest video featuring ZBrush! The title track “Everyday Robots” is Albarn’s first solo outing. If this latest number is any indication of what’s to come, we couldn’t be more excited. Witness Albarn’s transformation from ZSphere to finished sculpture. Everyday Robots is scheduled for release on April 29th.

New Turntable from Lucas Cuenca



Please join the Pixologic team in welcoming our newest member to the Turntable Gallery, Lucas Cuenca (aka lucasvv8 at ZBC)! His latest work, Alduin, was done for a Sony PS4 commercial that aired in the UK. Check out the video below. He did all the modeling and texturing in ZBrush!

The other turntable Lucas provided is for the character Green Arrow. After playing around with a sphere for 30 minutes he came up with an archer character and went from there.

Attributing ZBrush to why he started working in VFX, Lucas says it’s “the most artistic tool. It’s great for designing all kinds of creatures, characters, environments, mech and props. With ZBrush, designing and creating is just beautiful!”

See Lucas’s artwork in the round at the Turntable Gallery and view more at his user gallery at ZBrushCentral.

And of course, the PS4 commercial (the dragon appears at :22 to the right).


ZBrush Industry Spotlight with David Bentley



In this Industry Spotlight, David Bentley walks you through his automotive design process. Watch, as David details the features and functions used to create this pavement pounding exotic. You’ll see features like Panel Loops, the Noise Maker plugin, Insert Meshes, Clipping brushes and a host of others used to bring this project to life.

“I put this series of videos together on design sketching in ZBrush because I’ve had a number of requests from friends and professionals who ask me where they can go for a design tutorial in ZBrush. They see sculpting in ZBrush as a huge conceptual design opportunity. I hope viewers will find these videos useful and learn from my own experiments.” – David Bentley

Watch the lesson at ZClassroom and check out more images on David’s thread at ZBrushCentral.

3D Printing for Artists with Joseph Drust – Starts Feb. 27th!



3D Printing For Artists with Joseph Drust – Starts Feb. 27th

The world’s first online 3D printing course devoted entirely to artists! In this 10-week master class, Joseph Drust, one of ZBrush’s best teachers, will show you everything you need to know to create your own collectibles, freelance for the toy industry, and get started with your own MakerBot or a sculpting service, like Sculpteo, plus so much more! So… what will YOU create?

Check it out!

3D Printer World Expo Recap



Recently, The Pixologic Team took part in the inaugural 3D Printer World Expo at the Burbank Convention Center here in sunny California! The event was highlighted by our first ever LIVE “Sculpt Off!” featuring industry pros, Alvaro Buendia, Katon Callaway, Justin Fields, Maxence Fleuret, Rafael Grassetti, Jared Krichevsky, Frank Tzeng and Dominic Qwek. These digital clay warriors battled for 90 minute intervals through 4 rounds. Each contestant had their sculpture printed and on display for public voting.


It took 6 hours of live ballot box and online voting to crown our grand champion! Rafael Grassetti took home a formlabs Form 1 3D printer once the dust settled. Frank Tzeng was a close second and left with a new Wacom Cintiq tucked under his arm!


There was never a dull moment across the two day conference. Our booth was jumping with 3D printer friendly demos featuring even more big names, showcasing a wide range of industry specific applications. Our guest demos included the likes of Joseph Drust, Derek Pendleton, Adam Ross, Steve Talkowski, David Vennemeyer and Tomas Wittelsbach. These multi-talented artists provided ground breaking insights into their respective workflows. Special thanks to everyone for stopping by the booth. Keep your eyes peeled for updates and video recaps of the entire two day event.


We were also very fortunate to host industry keynote seminars with Legacy Effects and Neville Page respectively. These provided audience members with an incredibly rare opportunity to sit with major players in the movie and special effects industries.


We were delighted to take part in this inaugural event. It was an incredible fusion of design and technology. Visit our User Group Meeting page to keep up with our events and stay up to speed with when and where the Pixologic Team will be at an event near you. See you all again next year!


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