Pixologic is pleased to bring you the #AskZBrush system — an exciting new way to get answers to your feature questions!

Posted on November 30, 2015 by Michael Nisbet

AskZBrush Lead In

Using Twitter, simply ask a question using the hashtag #AskZBrush. Our experts @Pixologic will review all questions and follow up with a short video answering the best questions. The #AskZBrush system is set up to provide answers to questions that would generate 3-10 minute videos.

Our specialists won’t answer broad training or tutorial-type questions such as, “How do I sculpt a full character?” Rather they will focus on specific questions like, “How can I sculpt on thin pieces of geometry?” or “How can I display reference images with SpotLight?”

Keeping the question simple and specific will increase the chance of your question being answered!

To learn more about #AskZBrush, please visit the official ZBrushCentral thread here

#AskZBrush YouTube channel 

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