Alagoas Give an Artistic American History Lesson with ‘Ghosts’ Video

Posted on January 12, 2016 by Michael Nisbet

American band Alagoas use western frontier motifs in their music video ‘Ghosts’ to recall the frontier days of the United States, touching on subjects such as the displacement of native Americans as part of the ‘Manifest Destiny’ concept of the time.

The video was produced by Dvein production studio in Barcelona and employed the work of Trizz Studio and Lanczos for VFX and post production. The video features an alien-like figure that ‘infects’ the characters in the video. The digitally created figure was sculpted from organic references in ZBrush by Trizz Studios. It was then meticulously rigged and animated trying to create the most natural motion possible with a well detailed model in the slow motion sequence.

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