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ZBrushCentral Highlights

Posted on August 11, 2017 by Michael Nisbet

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The art is simply incredible this week over at ZBrushCentral! See the highlights here!

Ape TwitterSnub-Nosed Monkey – by Zrinko Kozlica

bannerTrojan Helmet – by Mike Fitzpatrick

dragon 2 TwitterWinged lizard creature – by Victor Gaza

Dragon TwitterMegaDragon – by Dope Pope

Ears TwitterBig Ears – by Jude Leong

Hulk TwitterThe Hulk vs Venom – by Ranjit Ghosh

Knight TwitterRetribution – by Petr Sokolov

Lake Twitter[Top Row] River’s Lake – by IB0X

OrcTwitterOrc Bust – by Dawid Kowal

Shark TwitterShark-Man Captain – by Demin Dmitry

Soldier TwitterSci-Fi Soldier – by Momogi

Winter TwitterWinter – by Marianna Yakimova

Wolv TwitterWolverine – by Alejandro Pereira

Geisha TwitterGeisha – by Lars Martinsson


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