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Faces In The Shadows



Danilo Athayde locks in a spot on the TopRow with his latest ZBrushCentral post. This collection of familiar and new faces really shows Danilo’s range. He’s got everything from old time Disney favorites, to caricatures of new age MMA fighters. Be sure to check out his breakdown for generating a realistic eye ball. This is definitely one user gallery worth exploring!

Standing In Defiance



Defying gravity and soaring to the Top Row is no problem for the team at Trion Worlds Inc. Defiance marks their first foray into the world of massive online shooters. ZBrushCentral member sarakawa gives us the latest in character art from the project. This is one thick thread, full of great character models that get our thumbs itching for a controller. We’re tipping our hats to the entire team, but giving a special nod to Satoshi Arakawa, for sharing the latest and greatest from this blockbuster.

Defiance is no ordinary game. This massive, online third-person shooter even has its own television counterpart on the SyFy network. Now you can play the game and watch the show. The only question is, what are you waiting for? Get your copy today for Xbox, Playstation or PC.

Yesterday’s Warrior



Defending the Top Row like an ancient warrior isn’t easy. This latest post is courtesy of ZBrushCentral artist Cedric Seaut. Cedric has captured and tamed the wild warrior within, to arrive at this awesome conclusion. The concept sculpts were done using ZBrush for an unreleased game. Too bad! We were hoping to give this one a walkthrough. You can see more of the concept art by the talented Jacob here. Be sure to visit Cedric’s user gallery to see more fighting brave ZBrush art.

The Artwork Of God Of War



In case you missed it, God of War Ascension dropped last month! We know, you’re probably recovering from having you jaw hit the floor. Well, we’ve got a special post that just made its way onto the ZBrushCentral forum and then landed itself right where it belongs on the TopRow.

The guys and gals over at the Sony Santa Monica Studios are a great bunch and were kind enough to share their collective efforts during the making of God Of War Ascension with the rest of the community in this mega post.

Be sure to check out their individual user galleries for a closer look at their personal styles. You can see art by Patrick Murphy, Bryan Wynia, James VanDenBogart, Katon Callaway, Tyler Breon, Jose Zavala,

In The Dark Of Night



Frank Miller’s Batman is a dark and brooding character. One with complexities and contradictions indicative of the most tortured souls. We empathize with the character because he is conflicted. We cheer for him because we all want to overcome something. ZBrushCentral artist Jason Martin has us cheering and applauding, at how he’s overcome the long line of great art submitted daily to the ZBrushCentral forum and landed himself on the Top Row. This latest post is a great rendition of an old favorite and we never get tired of Gotham’s finest. Check out more of Jason’s work inside his user gallery on ZBrushCentral. Visit Jason’s website for a closer look. We’re sure you’re already very familiar with this ZBrusher’s exploits.

All Dolled Up



If you’re into anime, then this is the sculpture for you! ZBrushCentral artist, Jang Seong Hwan’s latest sculpt has us dusting off our copies of the Sailor Moon animated series. This latest post sees Hwan, aka flcl38, utilizing ZBrush to generate the finer details associated with accessories and clothing. You’ll want to check out the Insert mesh brushes in conjunction with the Curve mode for creating quick and easy to apply stitches and buttons to your fashion forward characters.

Learn about these features and more inside ZClassroom. With constantly updated video tutorials, ZClassroom is the place to explore the tools you need to get the job done.

Enter The Wolverine



Over the last 40 years or so, Wolverine has gradually evolved into one of the most recognizable characters in the Marvel universe. This latest post by ZBrushCentral member J.E. Mark, claws its way to the Top Row and ensures that the Wolverine name isn’t the only one you’ll be remembering.

The entire project was completed by sculpting, texturing and rendering the whole thing in ZBrush. That’s some pretty impressive clay slashing!

Visit ZClassroom and take advantage of our segmented video tutorial sections dealing with everything from sculpting, to texturing and rendering.

Bursting At The Seams



Arkham City’s Solomon Grundy bursts to life in this high caliber action figure by none other than ZBrushCentral artist, Joe Menna. Joe is a long time member of the ZBrushCentral community and this Batman bad guy gets himself a spot on the coveted Top Row.

This version of Solomon Grundy is a whopping 13” and was sculpted and engineered by Joe using features like Dynamesh. The printing, casting and painting duties were handed over to Jason Wires. The project’s art director was Bryon Webster. This latest piece is part of the DC Collectibles line and pretty cool if you ask us! Visit Joe Menna’s website and user gallery to see an awesome collection of traditional and digital artwork.

Take advantage of a six part video tutorial series inside ZClassroom, featuring Jeff Feligno. Jeff highlights everything you’ll need to know to make your very own action figures using ZBrush.

Featured ZBC Thread: Rusnar



Like a shot of Iggy Pop ringing in your ears, Rusnar’s latest ZBrushCentral post wakes up the Top Row and makes no apologies! The color and composition of Piotr Rusnarczyk’s latest work really gets our blood going and that’s a good thing! Be sure to check out the high quality ZBrush sculpts inside his user gallery. His dynamic use of hair as a design element is something you too can incorporate into your workflow. Check out our ZClassroom videos dealing with FiberMesh for a breakdown on how to maximize your use of this powerful feature.

Making A Stand On The Top Row




Bogi Piroth stands alone on the Top Row with her latest ZBrushcentral post. Her work leaves us wide eyed and drooling, with a collection of pieces worthy of a one woman show at any gallery around the world. Work of this caliber doesn’t come around every day and is cause for celebration. Piroth nails this latest series of sculptures and demonstrates a classic form typically associated with the work of a master. This leaves us asking only one question, when can we see some more?

Check out Bogi Piroth’s website and be sure to visit her user gallery to stay current with her latest work.

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