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Minted In Digital Clay



Recently, highlighted some of the design processes used at the United States Mint. We couldn’t be more excited about the mention of ZBrush as an integral tool in their workflow. That’s right ZBrushers! Everybody’s favorite digital sculpting software is even used to make money, literally!

Navigate your way to for the entire story. Take a behind the scenes look at an often veiled process and learn something new about how the greenbacks and coins in your pocket get made.

Be sure to sign up for your very own user account on ZBrushCentral. You’ll be interacting with other ZBrush users from around the world and see more interesting ways to get started with your next digital sculpting project.

Folding and Stretching With A Master



Take advantage of this rare and unique opportunity to learn the intricacies of sculpting and designing wrinkles and folds with Zac Petroc. This Master Class is designed to heighten your skills and produce more believable cloth forms, while at the same time, strengthening your foundations in ZBrush. Some of the topics covered will include anatomy of a fold, importance of tension and topology for animation to name a few. As if that wasn’t enough to write home about, you also get several sample ZTools with a variety of complete costumes!

Sign up today and lock-in your spot, for what promises to be a wealth of information. The class is scheduled to run 4 weeks and includes video lectures and live streaming. Enrolment is now open and classes begin June 3, 2013!

Zac is a long standing member of the ZBrushCentral community. He continues to contribute resources and information with the intention of expanding the community’s knowledge base. Be sure to check out his user gallery inside ZBrushCentral or visit his website to learn more about this prolific ZBrush artist.

Heating Up The Streets



ZBrushCentral artist Sean-Ray Pugh, gives us a glimpse of the behind the scenes action that went into making this latest Moving Picture Company (MPC) ad spot for Samsung. You’ll think it’s the second coming of Jurassic Park. Ooops, we have a spoiler! Be sure to check out his user gallery to get an up close and personal look at every last scale. Pugh used ZBrush to sculpt the T-Rex and Lava creature. Don’t miss your chance to get up close and personal with this UK based artist by visiting his website.

For additional resources and to push your ZBrush sculpting further, be sure to visit our Download Center. You can download everything from a collection of alphas, to materials for use while sculpting and texturing your next creation. Visit the Download Center today and start building a bigger ZBrush tool kit!

The Artwork Of God Of War



In case you missed it, God of War Ascension dropped last month! We know, you’re probably recovering from having you jaw hit the floor. Well, we’ve got a special post that just made its way onto the ZBrushCentral forum and then landed itself right where it belongs on the TopRow.

The guys and gals over at the Sony Santa Monica Studios are a great bunch and were kind enough to share their collective efforts during the making of God Of War Ascension with the rest of the community in this mega post.

Be sure to check out their individual user galleries for a closer look at their personal styles. You can see art by Patrick Murphy, Bryan Wynia, James VanDenBogart, Katon Callaway, Tyler Breon, Jose Zavala,

Behind The Scenes With ILM



Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) was the studio behind 2012’s blockbuster hit The Avengers. These are the same guys who brought us Rango, Pirates of the Caribbean, and other hits. Chances are you’ve seen their work. Check out this industry interview below with members of the ILM team and get a closer, behind the scenes look at how the magic happens. You’ll hear the ILM team detail the role ZBrush plays in producing the jaw dropping CG elements you’ve come to know and love. The face of the Hulk was built out from a life cast / scan of actor Mark Ruffalo’s face. It was then modified in ZBrush to become the Hulk, while still retaining an essence of the original actor. See how scan data and ZBrush worked together to bring everybody’s favorite green bad boy, The Hulk to life.

Visit our User Stories section to see more studio interviews showcasing how ZBrush is used in production pipelines around the world.

Behind the Magic: Creating The Hulk for "The Avengers" (Part 1)

Created In ZBrush. Crafted In Wood.



With technology rapidly advancing, this latest ZBrushCentral post is sure to keep you looking forward. The artistic possibilities of the future are only beginning to take shape. ZBrushCentral member Ben Godi knows this and is incorporating everyone’s favorite sculpting software ZBrush, into his traditional art pipeline. The result is a collection of wonderful wooden sculptures built with some new and old technology working hand in hand. Still, at the root of it all is that indelible search for artistic expression. In this case, Ben found his way to the end result using ZBrush.

To find out more about using ZBrush with external printing applications and processes, be sure to check out features like Decimation Master and our Plugins section inside ZClassroom. There, you’ll get the necessary info to get your creations off the screen and into your hands faster.

Print It Yourself. No, Really.



The Swedes are typically known as a progressive lot. Their design esthetic is celebrated the world over. It’s no wonder then, as we march toward a world dominated by products produced using 3d printers; that the Swedish firm Teenage Engineering is leading the way with a “print it yourself” version of their all new OP-1 synthesizer. Now, if you are new to the idea of 3d printing don’t worry. Shapeways is making it easier than ever before to get your files outta your computer and into your hands faster than you can spell STL. Shapeways is an industry leader in handling your 3d printing needs. The formula is simple. You generate the content in your 3d sculpting/design package of choice, hopefully ZBrush. Next you export the file and send it off to Shapeways for printing. It really is that easy. You can check out their online market place for all things 3d printed. For more information on sending files from ZBrush to 3d printers, be sure to watch our video tutorials inside ZClassroom. ZBrush comes equipped to get the job done right out of the box with the DecimationMaster and 3d Print Exporter included. Get printing.

A Ride On The Pale Horse: Darksiders 2



Darksiders 2 is officially out now and bringing Death with it. Get your copy today and take a ride of epic proportions. The second installment in the ongoing series from THQ is guaranteed to take the slaying action into overdrive for this release. You’ll play as Death, armed with a downright awe inspiring collection of attacks at your disposal. Be sure to get your copy today and lock in the chance to redeem the Death Rides Pack. THQ isn’t holding back any goodies! You can already snag the Argul’s Tomb DLC by visiting the official Darksiders 2 homepage.

A Farcry From The Team At Blur



It’s no secret that the Blur Studio does some killer work. Their latest cinematic trailer is nothing short of awesome! With some hardcore naturally lit areas and an interior scene that will make you feel like you are there having drinks. You don’t want to miss this latest offering from a team that knows how to do it right. The point is, if you are looking to catch some jaw dropping cinematic goodness, you know you don’t have to look far when our friends over at Blur are on the scene.

Far Cry 3 is scheduled for release Dec. 4, 2012 and is the latest offering in the ongoing franchise from our friends over at UbiSoft. Be sure to pre-order and stay ready for the next great installment in the series. Special thanks to ZBrushCentral member James Ku aka Kuman over at Blur for showcasing this body of work on the forum. Thanks to the entire team for their continued efforts.

COA And The Spirit Of The Norse Gods



Showcasing the commercial flexibility of using ZBrush for advertising, COA recently unleashed their latest video campaign highlighting their AESIR Workstations and Render Farm offerings. COA takes the spirit of the Norse tradition and puts it into every machine they make. The names of their workstations are even derived from the names of mythical viking gods. For this latest promotional video, characters were detailed in ZBrush. COA created the entire project in house utilizing features like Spotlight and the UV Master plugin along with some clever masking techniques to generate things like armor.

With a full range of products designed for various budgets and needs, you’re sure to find something to meet your demands. Check out the promotional video and witness the power of ZBrush viking style.

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