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It’s A MatCap Bake Off With Joseph Drust



Our homeboy “G.I.” Joseph Drust aka Piggyson on the ZBrushCentral forum, is coming straight at you from the showroom floor at Siggraph 2012 where he wowed the crowd with his digital hair salon demonstrations. If you missed it, you can check out the hair madness at Digital Tutors website. In this latest post, Drust gives back to the community with the MatCap-Baker plugin. Check it out for an in depth description and breakdown of how to incorporate his latest little bag of tricks. This is what the community is all about!

Introducing L’Ecorche: A New Kind Of Anatomy Tool



Finally an app that serves you up a dose of anatomy you can sink your teeth into. Our buddies Michael Defeo and Scott Eaton have developed a collaborative project called L’Ecorche. This incredible app takes you deeper into understanding the human form than ever before. Michael gives us the low down with this ZBrushCentral post, “originally developed as a personal reference tool for my courses with anatomy expert Scott Eaton (who, in fact, I met through the Pixologic Educational portal), this application has grown from a simple sculpture for the iPad into a fully-developed application for iPad, iPhone, Mac desktop and eventually Android and PC desktop platforms”. To find out more, check out L’Ecorche Classical Anatomy For The Modern Artist. You can also learn more about Michael and Scott on their respective websites.

Building New Worlds: An Interview With MPC’s Matt Middleton



3D Artist Magazine recently sat with MPC’s (Moving Picture Company) CG Supervisor, Matt Middleton about the Ridley Scott blockbuster Prometheus. In case you’ve been occupying space in a time capsule, Prometheus serves as a prelude to the Alien series of films. You can read the entire article by visiting the 3D Artist Magazine website. Matt covers the details and processes behind the scenes, giving the reader real insight into how this epic film was made. It’s great to see that ZBrush played a role in bringing this long anticipated hit to the screen.

The Printed World Comes Alive With ZBrush And Objet



Siggraph 2012 was chalk full of stellar presentations. One noteworthy example was produced by Legacy Effects Studios own Senior Technician Jason Lopes. Aside from being an ultra cool cat, Jason is a technical wizard and highly experienced in the realm of 3d rapid prototyping. Some of the assets on display included, The Hulk from The Avengers blockbuster film and characters and creatures from John Carter of Mars. To find out more about 3d printing, visit the Objet homepage. To see images of the assets on hand, visit repertoire: It’s a 3D World.

Behind The Lens With Pixomondo



FX Guide recently sat with VFX supervisor Juri Stannosek to discuss the making of Game of Thrones season two. In case you’ve been living on an island, Game of Thrones is the Emmy nominated fantasy television series created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss for HBO. You can watch the in depth interview with Pixomondo‘s own Juri Stannosek by visiting the FX Guide website.

Shapeways Goes Fashion Forward



Elasto Plastic is the newest offering from Shapeways. Now you can wear a more flexible design on the go. It looks like the world of fashion is about to take another monster leap forward.

Check out the entire Wired article here.

AMC Pixel Factory In The Depths



This deep sea diver hits the mark. Check out AMC Pixel Factory’s post here. You’ll see the development process in a collection of informative and inspiring videos by this Romanian digital content provider. Be sure to check out the company homepage for more on what projects are currently being developed.

ZBrush User Story: Image Engine – The Thing & Immortals



Two interviews for the price of one!

Image Engine had two major productions come out last year (more recently to DVD) and we thought it would be especially interesting to put them side by side for you because they show two radically different ways of using ZBrush.

For Immortals, they used ZBrush to sculpt an absolutely insane number of polygons for the epic environments that were used in the film. On the other hand, The Thing used ZBrush for “horrifically beautiful” organic work.

Both interviews show a truly impressive amount of work and dedication by the artists at Image Engine, as well as great examples of movie-making problem solving.

We hope you enjoy them!

Read the Image Engine interviews

Family Affair: The Birth Of The Washington State University Cougar



The father and son team of Chester and Mike Fields have successfully completed a monument for the Washington State University that will forever leave their mark on the community and school.

Take a look at the process and steps associated with this massive undertaking and witness how ZBrush is playing a vital role in taking traditional sculpting forward into the future.

You can see the precisionart ZBrushCentral thread here and read more about the incredible project by visiting the instructables step by step breakdown provided by Chester and Mike.

Visit Chester and Mike Field’s respective websites to catch a glimpse of their individual exploits.

Stepping Into The Dark With Darksiders II



The highly anticipated sequel to THQ’s hit action adventure Darksiders is almost here. With an expected launch date scheduled for August, many devotees are chomping at the bit to get their hands on this one. This time around players get the chance to take a cold ride as Death in the fight between heaven and hell. To quench your inner thirst for death, check out Tyrone Maddams’ ZBrushCentral post here.

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