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The Avengers: United They Stand



The Avengers film has movie goers blazing through tickets and shattering box office records. Find out more about the process behind this spring time sensation by listening to the fxpodcast. Even ZBrush artist and ILM Character Modeler, Kris Costa aka Antropus on the ZBrushCentral Forum gets an honorable mention.

You can read more about the behind the scenes goods and the role ZBrush played in this mega blockbuster by visiting the fxguide roll call page.

Grinding Through the Gears with Epic Games



Check out the latest assets used in the production of Gears of War 3 by visiting ZBrushCentral.

The models and concepts were handled by Mike Kime and Jay Hawkins respectively, along with the Art Direction of Chris Perna. In case you missed our feature on Gears of War 2, you can read it and many other user stories by visiting

These guys live up to the name, EPIC!!!

G4 Tech TV’s Attack of the Show Talks Shop with the Legendary Rick Baker



Recently, Attack of the Show’s Candace Bailey visited Cinovation Studios for a behind the scenes tour with the original Monster Maker Rick Baker. Rick opens up about the processes used on some of our most memorable film and television characters spanning over 20 years in industry. Check out the incredible studio showrooms and hear how Rick got started in the biz by visiting

The wrath that keeps on coming



You won’t want to miss CG Society’s in depth interview with MPC’s CG Supervisor Anders Langlands and discover how some of your favorite creatures come alive on the big screen.

Read the article to find out how ZBrush plays a part in making mythical creatures and characters a big screen reality.

Back to the Root of it All: Resident Evil Raccoon City



Capcom takes us on a wild multi player ride, with a return to where it all started.

Resident Evil: Raccoon City takes another leap forward in the survival horror genre, and brings an awesome multi-player experience to a long standing franchise typically associated with singular play.

Check out the incredible work of ZBrush artist Jason Martin, by visiting his ZBrush Central thread at ZBrushCentral.

You can also see his incredible sculpts come alive, in an awe-inspiring video by visiting Blur Studios website.

Get your copy today on Xbox360, Playstation 3 and PC.

What is this?

The Magic of Majid: An Odyssey to the Arty Side of the CG World



Majid Esmaeili’s work is a delicate balance between rhythmic harmony, and what some might call quiet introspection. There are examples of his work that scream look at me, and others that grow slowly on their viewer like organic clay weeds.

One thing is for sure, it won’t take long for you to get tangled up in the origins of how this ZBrush artist came to discover the magic of the CG world. Find out more about Majid’s journey to the forefront of today’s CG scene, by checking out his recent interview.

Something tells us this is the beginning of what promises to be a long, and productive journey.

Read the interview here.

ZBrush and l’Ecorché



Veteran ZBrush artist Michael Defeo is getting close to releasing his anatomy app that is sure to help both digital and traditional sculptors. Due to be released at his booth at Spectrum Live in Kansas City, Missouri the weekend of May 18-20, “l’Ecorché: Classical Anatomy for Artists” will be available on iPad, iPhone, and Mac desktops with eventual development for Android and PC desktop platforms.

Michael thanks ZBrush and its community of artists for making this app possible.
“I am building what I feel is a groundbreaking anatomy study tool. It’s an app called l’Ecorché: Classical Anatomy for Artists, and without ZBrush this app would not be possible. Originally developed as a personal reference tool for my courses with anatomy expert Scott Eaton (who, in fact, I met through the Pixologic Educational portal), this application has grown from a simple sculpture for the iPad into a fully-developed application for iPad, iPhone, Mac desktop and eventually Andriod and PC desktop platforms.”

We’re definitely excited for the release of l’Ecorché! Keep an eye on Michael’s website,, for updates on the release.

ZBrush Industry Spotlight: City State Entertainment



Pressed for time? Working on a melting schedule? ZBrush artist Michael Milano trusts the power of ZBrush to create high quality game assets just in time. These cold critters are part of an expansive group, designed and created for City State Entertainment’s upcoming iPad game. The original concepts were the brainchild of Photoshop ninja, Michelle Davies.

You can find out more about City State Entertainment by visiting their website.

Check out the post from Michael Milano at ZBrushCentral.

The Making of the Creature from Super 8



This video posted on Wired is a few months old, but we still think it’s pretty cool. With ZBrush opened in background, Neville Page and J.J. Abrams discuss the monster from Super 8. Steven Spielberg, J.J. and Neville all had expectations of what the creature should look like, so they went through quite a few variations during the process that lasted the better part of a year. Check out the video and the full article at Wired Magazine.

Waking a New kind of Lycan


3D Creature Sculpting
Luma pictures is no stranger to the Underworld franchise, having worked extensively on the previous three segments. The latest installment in the series, “Underworld: Awekening” showcases the prowess of an extremely talented team at the new Santa Monica facility.

The constant attention to detail and commitment to refinement, means the team is always finding new ways to implement design and technology throughout the creative process. Read more about it, and hear what VFX supervisor Vincent Cirelli had to say about new camera techniques at CG Society.

See the role ZBrush plays in the professional pipeline, and watch your favorite Lycans come to life.

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