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From Screen To Print



Mold3D is proud to present a 3D printing workshop designed specifically for character artists. If you’ve always wanted to take your characters from screen to print, this is the place to start! You’ll learn everything you need to know about bringing your ZBrush designs to life. Be sure to visit the Mold3D website for more details. Sign up today!


Parts And Pieces



The husband and wife combo of Alex Yaremchuk and Olga Bekreeva first caught our attention with their incredible 3D printed cat, dog and spider dolls. The BJD Pets serve as the foundation for the latest offerings from this dynamic duo. What makes these critters so special? ZBrush plays a vital role in bringing them to life! Alex and Olga have been hard at work putting together an awesome website experience that takes us deeper into their latest designs. This outing has them bringing the Eve doll line to life. The collection includes Angel, Michelle 1/12 and Fantasy Girl! Check out an in-depth breakdown of their entire process here.

3D Printer World Expo Recap



Recently, The Pixologic Team took part in the inaugural 3D Printer World Expo at the Burbank Convention Center here in sunny California! The event was highlighted by our first ever LIVE “Sculpt Off!” featuring industry pros, Alvaro Buendia, Katon Callaway, Justin Fields, Maxence Fleuret, Rafael Grassetti, Jared Krichevsky, Frank Tzeng and Dominic Qwek. These digital clay warriors battled for 90 minute intervals through 4 rounds. Each contestant had their sculpture printed and on display for public voting.


It took 6 hours of live ballot box and online voting to crown our grand champion! Rafael Grassetti took home a formlabs Form 1 3D printer once the dust settled. Frank Tzeng was a close second and left with a new Wacom Cintiq tucked under his arm!


There was never a dull moment across the two day conference. Our booth was jumping with 3D printer friendly demos featuring even more big names, showcasing a wide range of industry specific applications. Our guest demos included the likes of Joseph Drust, Derek Pendleton, Adam Ross, Steve Talkowski, David Vennemeyer and Tomas Wittelsbach. These multi-talented artists provided ground breaking insights into their respective workflows. Special thanks to everyone for stopping by the booth. Keep your eyes peeled for updates and video recaps of the entire two day event.


We were also very fortunate to host industry keynote seminars with Legacy Effects and Neville Page respectively. These provided audience members with an incredibly rare opportunity to sit with major players in the movie and special effects industries.


We were delighted to take part in this inaugural event. It was an incredible fusion of design and technology. Visit our User Group Meeting page to keep up with our events and stay up to speed with when and where the Pixologic Team will be at an event near you. See you all again next year!


LIVE ZBrush Sculptoff! – VOTE NOW



It was a wild day of digital sculpting at this year’s 3D Printer World Expo! The sculpting was fierce and the action furious. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and voted online. Our 3D Printer World Expo Champion nominated by you the people is, RAFAEL GRASSETTI.

Voting has ended! We’re tallying the votes and the winner will be announced shortly, so stay tuned!

Voting is now OPEN! Be sure to support your favorite artist as they battle head to head in the 3D Printer World Sculpt Off! Help crown the undisputed champion while there’s still time. The clock is ticking.
Visit our Facebook page to see the contestants and to place your vote.

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One contestant will rise to the occasion and walk away as the undisputed winner.
Contestants will be sculpting in a heads up challenge LIVE, January 31st 2014 on the main stage of the 3D Printer World Expo. If you can’t be in attendance, be sure to place your votes online on our Facebook page Saturday, February 1st. With only 6 hours of voting, the clock will be ticking. This is your chance to help crown our LIVE “Sculpt-Off Champion” at the 3D Printer World Expo. The winner will take home a Form 1 3D Printer.

The finished sculptures will be on display inside the Burbank Convention Center on Saturday, February 1st where attendees can vote for their favorite piece.

Community Voting
We’ll be looking to audience members and our faithful ZBrush community followers to weigh in with public voting. That’s right. You can take part in crowning the 3D Printer World Expo Champion! Voting will ONLY be open for 6 hours on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 1, 2014!

View the contest lineup here and check back here for updates!

ZBrush at the 3D Printer World Expo 2014



We’re gearing up for some serious “head to head” digital sculpting action like you’ve never seen!

Join The Pixologic Team and a host of industry pros live from the Burbank Convention Center from Jan. 31 through Feb.1, 2014 for the 3D Printer World Expo. You’ll learn how to take your designs from screen to printed products with two days of industry specific presentations and a fistful of live demos. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to sit with some of the best in the business for what promises to be an unrivaled clay slinging showdown!

Get more info and the full artist lineup at our 3D Printer World Expo UGM page.

Getting a Wrap on Things



Taking ideas from simple design sketches to finished products has never been easier. Every day, artists continue to publish creations that push the envelope of what was once considered science fiction. Tareq Mirza is on a mission to rid the world of tangled headphone wires. The Bud-E ear bud wrapping case is a unique and exciting little invention that makes untangling and wrapping up your wires a thing of the past. Recently, Tareq shared his process and inspiration for his latest industrial designs. When asked how it all came together, the answer was simple, “none of these designs would be possible without ZBrush and features like Dynamesh and Curve slice brushes. Adding to this, Decimation Master gave Tareq the freedom to “easily adjust the design” without worrying about topology.

Check out more of Tareq’s work and the Bud-E ear buds, by visiting the Ektera homepage. Keep your eyes peeled for cool product designs and out of this world art on ZBrushCentral.

Interview with Alejandro Pereira!



Alejandro Pereira is a highly talented freelance artist with more than 7 years experience in the world of film and animated series production. He decided to focus his knowledge by mixing two of his passions: 3D animation and traditional sculpture. Eventually, he narrowed that to just sculpture.

To date, Alejandro has worked with a large number of important licensors: Marvel, DC, Disney-Pixar and Universal Studios among them. Other credits include ARH Studios, Gentle Giant, McFarlane Toys, Pop Culture Shock, Funko and others.

His 3D printed statuettes are spectacularly detailed, with a great sense of form and movement. We hope that you enjoy this journey into the mind of a First-Class figure creator!

Check out the interview!

Painting Outside The Lines



Loic Zimmermann, aka e338 on the ZBrushCentral forum, is scheduled to release a new art book along with a 3D character bust in conjunction with 3DTotal. You can help make the projects a reality by visiting the Kickstarter campaigns. Loic has contributed concept design work on blockbuster hits like Thor, Iron Man 3, True Grit and more! Be sure to check out more of Loic’s work inside his user gallery, or by visiting his website.

If you are in the Burbank area this month, be sure to stop by the Pixologic booth at CTN 2013 from November 15-17th. You’ll see demos featuring Loic and other industry pros across three days of digital clay magic. It’s a rare opportunity to get answers to questions and network with other digital artists just like you.

Making New Cuts



Recently, Makerbot’s Replicator 2 was spraying a whole new yarn. The Verlan dress is the result of a collective effort driven forward by Bitonti Studio principal, Francis Bitonti, along with the Pratt School of Design’s Digital Arts and Humanities Research Center (DAHRC). Bitonti is no stranger to fusing the digital realm with fashion. He recently completed a project called, “Dita’s Gown” for diva Dita Von Teese. As 3D printing becomes more accessible, it’s safe to say more and more innovative ways to apply it in our daily lives are sure to surface. We’re glad ZBrush could play an integral part in bringing this latest group master piece to life!

Minted In Digital Clay



Recently, highlighted some of the design processes used at the United States Mint. We couldn’t be more excited about the mention of ZBrush as an integral tool in their workflow. That’s right ZBrushers! Everybody’s favorite digital sculpting software is even used to make money, literally!

Navigate your way to for the entire story. Take a behind the scenes look at an often veiled process and learn something new about how the greenbacks and coins in your pocket get made.

Be sure to sign up for your very own user account on ZBrushCentral. You’ll be interacting with other ZBrush users from around the world and see more interesting ways to get started with your next digital sculpting project.

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