ZBrush in Advertising


Feline fine

Jose Alves da Silva composites a couple of musicians into a scene with a 10-foot ZBrush cat!


Fit For The Flash

Valio Milk advertisement makes a big "splash" with legendary Finnish athletes.


Going Techno!

Techno Image specializes in short animation advertising campaigns.


Cooking Up A Storm

In preparation for this summer’s Trojan Horse Was A Unicorn festival happening in Portugal, ZBsee member CarlosVidal “cooks up” a little crab meat to keep our appetites in check. Take a look at how Dynamesh, ZRemesher and UV Master come together to help finalize his designs. Visit CarlosVidal’s user gallery for more beach ready digital...


Dino Danger And A Mouth Full Of Fangs

Fangs, wings, scales and other creepy staples are what you’ll find inside ZBSee member Swordlord’s thread. Living up to his username, the beasts have been officially “slayed” and his clients at SpecialOne are probably reveling in glory! Check out some cool animation breakdowns and a user gallery filled with more cold blooded critters than you can...