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Back From The Deep



ZBrushCentral member Nicholas G.C. of the Idaho Museum of Natural History takes us deeper than we’ve ever gone before with this giant sized Orca skeleton.

You can keep up with the latest in the world of the Idaho Virtualization Laboratory by visiting their website.

One Scar At A Time



Dr Phillip Manning is one of the worlds leading paleontologists specializing in dinosaur anatomy using scar patterns on fossils to asses and calculate muscle attachment etc. Phil and his team use sophisticated tech to calculate muscle mass and weight and the images Peter Minister shows in his thread at ZBC are the early results. The model will be used in printed publications along with some animation for a sequence in a national geographic produced documentary.

Visit ZBrushCentral to view more shots of the T-Rex.

Pixologic’s ZBrush helps start a “Dinosaur Revolution”



Kris Kelly and a talented team of artists, David Krentz (Director, Lead Storyboard Artist, Lead Modeler), Ricardo Delgado (Storyboard Artist, Concept Artist), Douglas Martin (VFX Supervisor), Angie Rodrigues (Concept Artist, Modeler, Texture Artist), Bryant Hardwick (Texture Artist, Lighting & Rendering), Aaron Hamman (Texture Artist, Modeler), and Vlad Konstantinov (Modeler) step back in time with the world’s number one 3D sculpting software and show that ZBrush has bite.

Bringing these prehistoric monsters to life was no easy task. As sure footed as ever, ZBrush was there to help take a big bite outta the dinos.

See more of this incredible project by visiting ZBrushCentral.

ZBrush used in Discovery’s “Dinosaur Revolution”



ZBC user Vlad Konstantinov (Swordlord) recently posted a thread with his work from Discovery’s “Dinosaur Revolution.” He sculpted or was involved in the sculpting of all of the characters for the show, and used ZBrush for most of it.

View Vlad’s thread at ZBrushCentral.
Watch clips from Dinosaur Revolution at

User Group Meeting: Association of Medical Illustrators in Baltimore


Pixologic will be at the Association of Medical Illustrators Conference this Friday in Baltimore presenting the program “ZBrush: A Digital Sculpting Tool with Unlimited Possibilities” at Friday’s Techniques Showcase. Conference attendees can come for the presentation and stay for a Q&A with Pixologic’s own Paul Gaboury.

The Association of Medical Illustrators, organized in 1945, is a diverse, interdisciplinary group of professional artists with advanced education in both the life sciences and visual communication. Collaborating with scientists, physicians, and other specialists, medical illustrators transform complex information into visual images that have the potential to communicate to broad audiences. The work of medical illustrators promotes education, research, patient care, public relations, and marketing efforts.

ZBrush: A Digital Sculpting Tool with Unlimited Possibilities
ZBrush is a digital sculpting application that allows unparalleled freedom to create without technical borders. With ZBrush being a tool of choice for creating 3D anatomy Illustrations. Paul will be sharing the various techniques used today by leading artists to create anatomy pieces with the various tools found with in ZBrush. He will be giving detailed demonstrations on the popular ZBrush tools, ZSpheres, Shadowbox, Clipping Brushes, Spotlight and so much more. He will also showcase how quickly you can render with the new BPR render system that was released with ZBrush 4.

Friday, July 22nd
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Armstrong Building
Baltimore, MD 90028

Find out more about the conference at the AMI Conference Website
For more information about the Association of Medical Illustrators, visit
Visit the Pixologic UGM Page here

Register NOW for Anatomy 2.0 from ZBrushWorkshops



Pixologic training partner, ZBrushWorkshops, has opened registration for its all ZBrush anatomy class called Anatomy 2.0. This class uses innovative new features in ZBrush such as Shadowbox and the Clip brushes to make learning anatomy simple and enjoyable. If you haven’t caught Ryan Kingslien’s four videos about why anatomy is important make sure to download them from the front page of ZBrushWorkshops.

Visit ZBrushWorkshops for more details.

“The Largest Dinosaur” brought to life with ZBrush



NEW YORK, April 18 — The American Museum of Natural History is featuring a life-sized model of the Sauropod Mamenchisaurus Hochuanensis at the center of the new exhibition The World’s Largest Dinosaurs. The model measures 60 feet long and stands 11 feet high at the shoulder; the neck alone is nearly 30 feet long.

To achieve such finely detailed texture, a digital artist in Hall Train’s (Chief Sculptor) Ireland studio used a computer sculpting program called ZBrush to create an “infinite digital dinosaur skin” that he could apply all over the 3D computer model for the most realistic effect. “You have to create a graphic version of what the skin looks like,” Train explains. “Then you can manipulate it, skew it, compress it, expand it, get it to do all the things a dinosaur’s skin should do.”

Read about the making of the exhibit at

Read an article about the exhibit at

See more dinosaur fabrication and animation by Hall Train Studios

Featured ZBC Thread: dlshang



Happy Monday ZBrushers! We at Pixologic hope you had a fantastic weekend. Now, to get the week off to a good start, check out the latest top row thread on ZBrushCentral. Please join us in welcoming dlshang! The thread features a variety of sculpts and styles, and it’s all quite interesting. We hope you enjoy!

View the post on ZBrushCentral.

Happy ZBrushing!

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