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Nature or ZBrush?

The San Fransisco Zoo is displaying 3D sculpts of your favorite animals that were sculpted using ZBrush

Toys & Collectibles

ZBrush is Giving Birth to a New Universe

Tsume Art has teamed up with artist Aleksi Briclot to create a new universe centered around Aleksi’s character Azzar’hi using ZBrush.

VFX for Films

Earth’s mightiest heroes

Perception NYC was tasked to create a larger-than-life monument of the heroes for Avengers: Age of Ultron


Zombies need holidays, too

ZBrushCentral forum member madmac depicts a young zombie enjoying a Saturday swim at the community pool

Medical Visualization

Beauty in anatomy

Alexey Kashpersky uses ZBrush to visualize a plethora of anatomical body parts for Thomas Direct Studios and Radius Digital Science

VFX for Films

Modeling the Griever

Paulo Welter was the modeler in charge of the Griever creature in The Maze Runner. Here he shares an insight into the creation process