New Digital Tutors Courses



Start your summer off right with these four new courses from Digital Tutors!

Creating a Portfolio-Ready Demon Concept in ZBrush

Creating a Fantasy Creature from Concept Art in ZBrush

Making a 3D Character Previsualizations in ZBrush

Creating a Prehistoric Creature Bust in ZBrush and Photoshop

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Behind the Scenes with Little Wonder Studio



Toys! Happy Meals! Pez dispensers! We often take for granted all the little gewgaws that find their way into our everyday lives. Sure, some of them can be collectibles that end up being worth a fortune years down the road, but even then who really thinks much about how these cool little items come to be? Well, it turns out that Little Wonder Studio puts a lot of thought into exactly that topic – not just the technical aspect but also the artistic side. It also turns out that ZBrush has been a revolutionary tool for them! This interview has been a true pleasure to put together. Right in keeping with the company’s roots and traditions, you’ll discover that it is filled with a good sense of fun, side by side with great detail. We hope you enjoy it!

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Ryan Kingslien’s ZBrush Certification Course – Starts mid-June



Find out how ZBrush works and make it work for you! Ryan Kingslien is going to teach you each and every feature of ZBrush, what it does and why. Then you’ll learn the best way to use those tools and how to create highly effective workflows to help you get work done faster than ever before. Ryan’s even going to use his personal sculpting methods to help you unlock your creativity, because in the end, it’s not just about learning ZBrush’s features, it’s about discovering your inner sculptor and reaching your full potential as an artist!

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New Digital Tutors Courses



Our friends at Digital Tutors have released three new ZBrush tutorials! Beat June Gloom and get started sculpting with one of these unique courses!

Designing a Scary Female Monster in ZBrush

Creating a Mech Archer Concept in ZBrush

Creating an Aged Portrait in ZBrush

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Concept Sculpting And Maquettes with Bryan Wynia



Sony Santa Monica’s Bryan Wynia brings you a great 3 week Workshop at CGSociety’s Training On Demand series. ZBrush master and Pixologic demonstrator Bryan goes through the process of creating 3D creature concepts in ZBrush.

Work alongside Bryan as he helps you find references, brainstorm, create thumbnails and practice speed-sculpting your concepts. He’ll then help you select your strongest idea to refine and evolve, polypaint and render ready for your final image.

Bryan has taught a number of classes and workshops, and is respected both as a creator, and as a trainer in ZBrush concept creation. His work has featured in Famous Monsters of Filmland, Imagine FX, 3D Artist and 3D World Magazines.

To sign up for the workshop, visit CG Workshops.

New From Digital Tutors



Check out these three fresh and exciting ZBrush Tutorials by Digital Tutors! There is something for everyone in these courses which include:

Creating a Sci-Fi Robot Warrior in ZBrush

Creating Medieval Character Concepts in ZBrush and Maya

Sculpting a Zombie Dog in ZBrush

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Advanced ZBrush Course with David Richardson



ZBrushCentral artist David Richardson is back in the spotlight with a new course offering. Be sure to sign up for the Trixel Institute’s latest with this talented ZBrusher! Sign up today! Seats are limited and registration ends on May 3oth, 2013. The course will run from June 23, 2013 to July 7, 2013.

If you are looking to find out more about Davidness, visit his user gallery inside ZBrushCentral, or navigate your way to his website for an even more in-depth tour of his work.

The Heart of ZBrush with Damian Szeibert



Damian Szeibert has been working in the industry for over 12 years. His clients include (but not limited to) NBC, Sony Pictures, Fox and Warner Brothers. He is the leading Instructor who serves as Course Director at the Los Angeles Film School, teaching the Digital Sculpting and Character Design and Creation courses for the Computer Animation Department. If all this wasn’t enough to establish his credentials, Damian has been an active member of the Pixologic Team for the last 3 years.

We’re extremely excited to announce that Damian Szeibert will be teaching an 8 week intensive program at Phoenix Atelier entitled, The Heart of ZBrush. He’ll be covering both organic and hard surfaces and you will learn everything you need to master ZBrush. Space is limited, so sign up today at Phoenix Atelier.

Join us for a FREE PREVIEW WEBINAR this Sunday of Damian’s program.

LIVE THIS SUNDAY, MAY 12, 2013 at 4:00 PM PDT

Ask your question, Get your answers. We will be waiting for you!

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

New Courses from Digital Tutors!



Digital Tutors has released two new courses! In the new Skill-Builder course, dive into the world of ZBrush to learn sculpting techniques and how to apply them to different projects. As an experienced ZBrush user, master MicroMesh to add an edge to your current projects while following along in the MicroMesh Techniques in ZBrush tutorial. Check them out!

Skill-Builder: Sculpting in ZBrush and Maya

MicroMesh Techniques in ZBrush

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Folding and Stretching With A Master



Take advantage of this rare and unique opportunity to learn the intricacies of sculpting and designing wrinkles and folds with Zac Petroc. This Master Class is designed to heighten your skills and produce more believable cloth forms, while at the same time, strengthening your foundations in ZBrush. Some of the topics covered will include anatomy of a fold, importance of tension and topology for animation to name a few. As if that wasn’t enough to write home about, you also get several sample ZTools with a variety of complete costumes!

Sign up today and lock-in your spot, for what promises to be a wealth of information. The class is scheduled to run 4 weeks and includes video lectures and live streaming. Enrolment is now open and classes begin June 3, 2013!

Zac is a long standing member of the ZBrushCentral community. He continues to contribute resources and information with the intention of expanding the community’s knowledge base. Be sure to check out his user gallery inside ZBrushCentral or visit his website to learn more about this prolific ZBrush artist.

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