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  • Main Forum displays as a gallery of tiles, one for each image uploaded to it.
    • Reply to an image directly on its tile.
    • See at a glance how many comments have been made for a tile and scroll through them.
    • See at a glance how many images are attached to a tile and flip through them. If a single post has multiple images, each can be seen. If a single thread has multiple posts with images, flip between tiles.
    • See at a glance how many other people have Liked an image.
    • Comments can be displayed for each image.
    • See detailed information for an artist, including how many likes and followers he has.
    • Infinite scrolling – as you reach the bottom of the page, more tiles load automatically.
  • Thread gallery displays all tiles created for a particular thread.
  • Clicking the artist’s name displays all of his tiles as a gallery.
  • Click any image on a tile to open a pop-up with an enlarged view of the image and any others attached to that tile.
    • Reply to an image from the pop-up.
    • Share via social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest
  • Ability to view only the tiles created on a specific date.
  • Ability to Like one’s favorite images.
  • Ability to Follow your favorite artists and immediately view their posts.
  • Ability to view all of one’s own past posts.
  • Can still view the forum in the traditional way, as well as a list of all other ZBC forums. (The other forums do not use ZBSee view.)

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