The amount of detail on the Thor statue is insane. Were there challenges in getting those fine details to print successfully?

The important thing you should know before adding detail is what scale will be used when printing the figure. For example, if it will print in a 1/4 scale the details show without problems. If the statue is on a smaller scale then perhaps there is no sense in making it very detailed.

A small tip is to try to visualize on screen the actual size of the figure in order to see how it should work.

One very important thing that digital sculptors must to keep in mind is that we are developing a Master. That means the first copy or the original copy, which is what they will use to make the molds for the production. All copies will come from this Master, which means that some of the details are lost. In fact, about 10% of the detail is lost.

Speaking of details, what were your techniques for creating the scale pattern on Medusa?

For Medusa´s skin I made a projection of the tail and I made my own alpha with different levels of details.

And the parallel lines on Anubis' kilt?

Anubis was my first digital work for ARH. I love everything Egyptian and making this statue was a great experience! For this texture I did the same as I did with Medusa´s skin.


Another thing I've noticed in many of your statues is the rich detail in the base. What's the process you follow and what ZBrush features do you use to sculpt such natural-looking rock formations?

The base is a fundamental part of the sculpture for me. The base helps to create the history of the statue. As in journalism, the rule of the Five W’s applies: Who, What, When, Where, Why ...and how.

The process to creating realistic objects is to take a few minutes to look for references.

For the rocks I use the Noise plugin and play with the values until I find what I am looking for.


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