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Tell us more about The Squid Zone and how the site came to represent so much.

The Squid Zone is a labor of love for me. I’m not a reporter or cinematographer, but as I mentioned above the internet has no boundaries. When I was a teenager in love with film I read about all these amazing people working within the industry. Once I started working in it myself I discovered the people I was reading about compromised maybe 1% of the real workforce behind the magic on the screen. There are literally armies of dedicated professionals all doing their jobs seamlessly behind the scenes in order to bring us the films we love. Yet we never see them on DVD’s, nor do we ever see their names being touted as Oscar winners.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of sitting down with many gifted artists, technicians and business men/women who have all played integral roles to the process. Each of these people has their own amazing life stories and journeys.

Then it came to me: Squid Zone. The term “squid” is a derogatory way to describe fan boys. I ALWAYS, had a problem with this. I AM a fan boy, in fact everyone I know working in this field is! We’re all fans because otherwise we wouldn’t be doing this. So I decided to take the Squid back and making him cool!

The Squid Zone is a weekly show where I get together and talk to industry professionals, some of whom you will know and others you will not. The mix is to keep the history alive through a medium where people can tell their stories, share their experiences and hopefully enlighten and inspire those wanting to work within the field. We will be talking to Actors, Producers, Directors, Makeup FX, Computer Graphics, Comic Book Artists, Illustrators, Toy Sculptors, Character Designers and basically anyone who works within the medium of entertainment.

It has been a learning experience and we’ve made a few mistakes along the way, but we’ve learned a lot as well. During the interviews, we take the guest on a course to talk about their early days all the way through to their life as it is now. At the end of the interviews I get each guest to sign a t-shirt. Many have gone beyond that to actually donate goods that are all auctioned off monthly at our Saving Graces foundation to help children get the therapy needed, as well as to educate the general public.

Thanks for taking the time to sit with us and highlight a little bit about what makes you tick.

I thank you all for not only allowing me the public forum to voice my feelings and perspectives, but also for giving me a medium with which my creativity can prosper. It is not every day that you can sculpt your way to dreams coming true.



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