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Let's start with a little overview. Could you tell us about Eidos-Montreal and the Deus Ex series?

Eidos-Montreal is quite a new studio in the city. It’s been crazy, exciting and challenging! We started with an empty concrete office space and maybe 5-6 people. They had to build a friendly environment and hire a complete development team able to produce AAA games almost from scratch.

That’s quite tricky since Montreal is getting competitive. All the more so when people haven’t worked together before and the game is being built with a technology that is different from common engines, like Unreal. But Eidos-Montreal has grown a great deal since its conception and I think Deus Ex: Human Revolution proves its success!

Deciding to revive Deus Ex was another big challenge -- especially for a first project. Type it on Google and one of the first pictures you’ll find is this motivational poster that says, “Deus EX, every time you mention it, someone will reinstall it.” I think that says a lot about this game!

Despite it being pretty old, it was one of the deepest and most loved RPG/action games of its time, if not even of all time. Human Revolution takes place in 2027, before the original game. We focused all our efforts to respect the diversity and complexity of this franchise. Yet we also added our touch, another layer of storyline, new characters and a unique visual style that makes Human Revolution stand apart.

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