Because of all the fame that ZBrush has received from the way it has been used in the motion picture and gaming industries, it's often easy to forget the program's origins as a 2.5D painting program. At its most fundamental level, ZBrush is a painting program powered by a real-time 3D rendering engine. This means that not only is it a great tool for artists wishing to sculpt realistic models and add higher levels of detail to their work, it's also able to stand on its own as a rich illustration program.

For this interview we wanted to highlight the illustrative side of ZBrush and feature how it's being used in a way that many people haven't seen before. Who better, then, to turn to than Olivier Thill and Benjamin Alcover? Many people over the years have dabbled with getting a cell-shader style of render from ZBrush but Benjamin and Olivier have taken this to the next level by producing a full-fledged graphic novel!

We hope that you will enjoy exploration into the other side of ZBrush, and perhaps be inspired in your own illustration endeavors!

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