What was the reasoning for only using ZBrush and Photoshop?

Benjamin: The main reason was to gain time and use techniques we like. The goal was to use the least possible software so as to simplify the process and make it possible for a good production.
Olivier: So we decided to combine ZBrush and any external compositing software. It does take some time to create the characters but once you have them, the process of posing and creating a page is very fast. Much faster when compared to hand drawn comics with that type of detail! The ultimate goal is to do a comic with higher quality and faster production time.

How many characters did you create? Do you have a favorite?

Olivier: Well, no idea. I have about five or six different shapes that I use now to work faster. They go from skinny to ripped and I have created a lot of different characters in ZBrush. My two favorites are the ones I use in the comic.

How is ZBrush being used for this project?

Olivier: Long story short, we were trying to find a way to do comics in 3D with classic 3D software but it took too much time and the results were not that good. Then came ZBrush 3 along with a few important features which were lacking in other software packages. First was that fact that you can sculpt with nearly no limits and do so QUICKLY. Also important was the fact that you can pose your character with all its objects and render with no need for another software package. That was all we needed; to work fast to keep our creative energy up with no limits. But it took us quite a while to find the right MatCap combination to get the results we wanted.

What is your workflow for creating the characters?

Benjamin: We first put ideas on paper and then we get references together (for example pictures of actors) to get the look right with the character.
Olivier: Then I usually do the face with the body to get a general shape and I detail with the various tools offered in ZBrush.

What is your workflow for creating the characters?

Olivier:  I imagine it could be optimised but it is our first comic experience and we have about 10 to 15 SubTools per character. The heaviest in terms of polygons are the bodies and faces which have about three million polygons each.


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