What is the trick that saves your life? Or rather those little things that make this work possible without it becoming one of those Twelve Labors of Olivier?
Well, I'm rambling but it really is TransPose Master which makes this comic possible. Without it, no complex model posing would be feasible. Nor would I be able to do so much variation in poses.

At the end, can creating a comic in 3D become something which will bury the good old pencils and pens or is it just another approach that is perhaps more technical behind the scenes of comic creation?
No, I don't think so. When cinema made its debut it didn't make traditional theatre vanish. In addition, in the context of Hercule (or Henk) people don't necessarily realize that it is 3D. So they don't ask themselves if it's better or worse. (Note from the editor: This attitude also parallels what can be read in various reviews and reader feedback.)

Also, some authors use 3D as an assistant for their drawing, as a way to have better perspective or for some environments. But they don’t use it as a replacement for their pens. In a way, it's more an addition to a toolset than a replacement.

Do you have some tips for those who want to get into comics by using 3D tools?
You just have to start or nothing will happen! In my case, it simply hit me; I didn't see it coming! This was thanks to ZBrushCentral exposure and the Henk Interview!

The internet is a fabulous tool to be seen by a lot of people, but before reaching this stage you must forge ahead without questions... or nothing will happen anyway.

In conclusion, what has the initial feedback been for this first volume now that it has been on sale for a few days?
It is a little bit early to give an accurate answer, but it seems to please people and sell. What is certain is that the use of 3D is invisible to most people.

I will make an early bet that we win!

Thank you for having answered our questions and for providing us with this exclusivity. Good luck for the next Eleven Labors!
Thank you very much for the opportunity of this new interview!

Thank you to Edition Soleil for the publication of these images and comics panels, and to Looky for the publication of some of his sketches.

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