Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome was one of the first titles to launch for the new Xbox One platform, coming out the same day as the new hardware. It’s also an Xbox One exclusive, giving it the ability to truly showcase what the platform is capable of.

And showcase it did! For example, GameZone’s Mike Splechta stated that, “Ryse: Son of Rome is a gorgeous game, possibly the best looking Xbox One launch game.”

In the first part of this interview we speak with several of the artists that brought the game to life for Crytek, exploring topics such as what it was like to create for the Xbox One, the art side of CryEngine and of course a lot of ZBrush!


Could you introduce us to the ZBrush artists who worked on Ryse: Son of Rome?

Abdenour Bachir

My name is Abdenour Bachir. I’m a Senior Character Artist at Crytek.

I have been in the industry for over 16 years and have used ZBrush since version 1.5.

Some games I worked on making use of ZBrush include PGR3, The Club, Bloodstone, Blur, Crysis 2 and Ryse.

On Ryse I was in charge of the Roman armies which included Marius (the main character of the game), the legionaries and the praetorians. I also worked on several of our character art pipelines, like the facial pipeline implementation.

Chris Goodswen

My name is Chris Goodswen. During the production of Ryse my role was the Character Outsourcing Artist. I dealt with the feedback between the twelve outsourcing artists and our internal direction staff. In addition to that I also worked as a regular Character Artist, mostly on the civilians and the DLC characters.

Florian Reschenhofer

My name is Florian Reschenhofer, I'm a Character Artist at Crytek. On Ryse my workload was somewhat split between actual production work and things that are more “behind the scenes,” such as developing our hair & fur workflow and helping with R&D of real-time cloth. I did work on barbarians and a number of hero characters such as Boudica and Oswald (primarily hair and fur). I also got to do Marius' face.

Hyejin Moon

My name is Hyejin Moon. I am a Senior Character Artist at Crytek. On Ryse I worked on some of the game's characters, like Marius’ father, Nero and Basilius.

Lars Martinsson

My name is Lars Martinsson and I’m a Senior Character Artist at Crytek. I have worked here on Crysis 2, Crysis 3 and now most recently Ryse: Son of Rome, where my most noticeable contribution was Damocles. I also helped out with the in-game cloth R&D, like Marius' and Damocles' capes.

Rokly Wang

My name is Rokly Wang and I’m a Senior Character Artist here at Crytek. On Ryse I mostly worked on cinematic characters such as Summer, Oracle and Winter.


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