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Some weeks back we introduced you to Storm Studios and the work they did for Norway's upcoming release of Trolljegeren -- The Troll Hunter. Now we're pleased to bring you the second half of the interview, in which we spoke with Torgeir Sanders from Gimpville. His company was responsible for what is possibly one of the largest CG characters ever created, both in terms of scale but also polygon count. Their troll weighed in at a whopping half billion polygons!

Gimpville is a genuine credit to Norway's burgeoning special effects industry and we were delighted to have a chance to speak with them about their work on Troll Hunter. Along the way we also got a great bit of info and insights from Simon Nyhus, their main ZBrush artist.

Their work may be monstrous, but it's in a totally great way!

"ZBrush was the only weapon of choice as the sculpt we did had a polygon count which exceeded 500 million. There are no other commercially available packages that can do this as far as I know..."
Christer Bjorklund - Gimpville


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