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Let's begin by talking about Gimpville as a company. Your background, what you specialize in and how you position yourselves in the CG industry?

Gimpville was formed by two guys back in 2002 when there wsd literally no VFX industry in Norway. Most of the 3D/VFX projects were sent abroad at that time and following the work abroad was our only real option besides trying to establish an industry back home. Today Gimpville is one of the leading studios in Norway, packing a core of around a dozen people which is also supplemented by freelancers most of the time.

You have two ZBrush artists. Who are they and what are their backgrounds? How did they come to be with Gimpville?

Our two ZBrush artists are Christer Bjorklund and Simon Nyhus, more commonly known as Kryztoff B. and PowerSimon. Christer was one of our first employees, so he’s been with us for several years now. We were hired to do some work on an animated feature where Christer was working at the time. Seeing his great work, we had to snatch him as soon as the production was done.

Christer has the role of Key Modeler in the company and does a good portion of all the modeling because the rest of us kinda saw that everyone only thought they could model properly until Christer came along. (Smiling) Christer has developed his ZBrush skills during his time here at Gimpville and uses it mainly as a supplement to traditional modeling.

Simon started out at Gimpville after completing his degree in 3D animation. He was already familiar with ZBrush and his approach is more like that of a traditional sculptor/painter, in which he has an incredible eye for details and knows exactly where to put them to make it all count.


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