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What was the inspiration for Jotne? How did his design evolve?

Gimpville wasn’t responsible for the early stages of the design, but we shaped it from the concept into what you see on the big screen. There where several great artists involved in doing traditional concept art, maquettes and finally a digital sculpted concept on Jotne.

The 3D concepts were done by an amazing artist called Rune Spaans and served as our main guideline.

In regards to inspiration they were all heavily inspired by traditional Norwegian troll art and especially one artist called Theodor Kittelsen, which I reckon others like Tolkien might also have gotten some inspiration from.

How did you approach creating a believable figure that would be 300 feet tall? What was the pipeline for him?

Creating a creature this big is all down to the details, even those smaller than one pixel. So focus on the details and the bigger picture will soon look realistic.

In our case we managed this by having a very highly detailed sculpt, combined with multiple layers of skin, snow, rocks, moss and fur. On top of that we had stuff like snow sticking to the fur, jiggling in the looser parts of the skin, muscle simulation and so on.

Finally we planted around forty thousand small bushes and trees on his back, which also served as an important point of recognition in regards to establishing the size of the troll. Everything moved dynamically, of course so there were a lot of simulations going on.


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