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Norway is the place many trolls make their home. They nestle in the high peaks of mountains near the Fjords. Some of these trolls are nuisances to the farmers and locals. Some trolls are mean and nasty. These are the trolls you should stay away from! Some people, however, aren’t that smart...

“Troll Hunter” is a Norwegian-produced movie that will be making its way to the United States in the not-too-distant future. Much like “The Blair Witch Project”, it tells its story in a documentary style that puts viewers right in the action, face to face with the “mean and nasty” variety of creature. Watch the movie trailer below, then continue on to our interview with Storm Studios: one of the effects houses that brought these trolls to life.

We can’t promise that the interview will be as exciting as the movie! But we can promise that it’s full of interesting information about how ZBrush fit into this production pipeline where multiple studios were all working together to breathe life into one of Norway’s most iconic denizens.

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