The more audiences see digital effects, the more savvy they're becoming at spotting them -- and the less tolerant they've become of obvious CG work. Is this something you're conscious of in your projects and if so, how do you combat it?
You always try to do the best job possible within the limits of budget and time available. What is paramount in most projects is the story. Visual effects are there to help tell that story; not to stand out and pull the audience out of the movie.

Then again we have movies like Tron or Avatar where visual effects are a crucial part of the movie and their presence is inescapable.

When you are creating such immersive experiences, your effects need to be allocated the kind of time and funding that ensures audiences receive a high quality product where they won't see a shoddy VFX shot and have the illusion of that world shatter.

By contrast, something like Warm Bodies uses effects on a much more humble scale where the success of the movie is not quite so dependent on the work we do. As opposed to, say, the overall story and character interactions.

Hand in hand with this is the studio demand to accomplish more without exploding the budget. How does ZBrush help here?
Well, first of all the price for what you get with ZBrush is fantastic considering that I use it for concepting, asset creation, blend shapes, texturing, etc. Its an integral part of our pipeline and my own personal workflow.

I'm consistently able to get high quality visual results off to our clients for quick approvals thanks to all the features that are now a part of the program. In short -- financially and timewise -- its invaluable.

Is there anything else you'd like to share or say while you have our attention?
I was very fortunate with the other people on the team at LOOK Effects. For Warm Bodies we really had to hit the ground running. Besides assembling a team for the project, we were getting a brand new facility set up AND a creature pipeline off the ground. It really was like laying down the tracks while the train was already moving at full steam. This being a smaller production, we had a fairly small crew. The individual talents of everybody on the team truly helped getting us to the finish line. I would especially like to give a big shout out to the people on the creatures and asset team: Michael Miller, Magnus Skagerlund, Blair Welscher, CG Supervisor Dmitry Vinnik and Digital Supervisor Mat Krentz.

Please join us in thanking Jelmer for sharing the information and artwork in this interview. Thank you also to Look Effects for their cooperation in making it happen. Share your comments in the ZBrushCentral thread!

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