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Adam Muratoff

ZBrushCentral username: MURATOFF,ADAM

HUMAN HUNTER Turntable 1 I created the base meshed for Human Hunter mostly in Maya and immediately brought them into ZBrush for experimentation / conceptualization. All the tubes were created using ZSpheres which was a very fast and easy way to produce all the shapes. I also tend to make extensive use of Alphas during the detailing phase and this was no exception. As I'm working on a note book, I still can't believe sometimes that I'm looking at close to 50 million polys on screen at one time... wow. I think the thing I enjoyed most about working on this project was being able to change my mind at any point on a piece of design and thanks to Layers I could tone down, change or scrap an idea altogether. Basically, you never feel trapped by your topology of previous decisions. ZBrush allowed me to experiment and change my mind as I saw fit without consequence. THE GENERAL Turntable 2 Like much of what I do, I created the base meshes in Maya, brought them into ZBrush, stored morph targets to keep the original base shapes and began creating. Because I knew what it was that I wanted to create before starting, ZBrush allowed me to just go nuts and see mass results very quickly. Again, Alphas play a huge part of the detailing process for me, although all the cloth wrinkles were hand drawn. ZBrush is the only tool that could allow me to take a vision in my head and get it out before the visual fades or becomes skewed... there's absolutely nothing faster. ARTIST'S PROFILE I always loved drawing, movies, video games and music. When I got out of high school I already had responsibilities living on my own, so I tried to grow up very quickly. I turned my love for art into a profession as a graphic artist and flash designer, freelancing my skills to pay the bills. I taught myself some programming to accompany my graphic and flash background and soon enough things were under way. Just as my career seemed on the up and up, the dot bomb crash happened and like many people, it knocked the wind out of me. After that, I couldn't give away my skills, but still needed to pay the bills. I took whatever jobs I could find with other more established media firms to at least keep the momentum going somewhat. I started to find myself always trying to design and program interfaces and art with dimension and depth. That early on 3D was just starting to become accessible to the mainstream and I heard about 3ds max. I saved every penny for months to buy my first copy of 3ds max 4 and I read the manuals from front to back like a 100 times. I didn't have the resources to go to school for anything, so I worked as hard as I could to learn the software's on my own. My employers gave me an opportunity to use these new learned skills in production, so I tried my best to make 3d my forte... I was in love with it. A short time later I heard about a new software called ZBrush and after seeing what some other guys were doing with it, I was blown away completely. I purchased my first copy and couldn't put it down... this was the moment my 3d work really started to take off. After a few months of using ZBrush, Electronic Arts offered me a contract as a Character Artist and I jumped at the opportunity. I learned a lot in my short time there and knew that I was finally going in the right direction... time and space didn't matter anymore... only the art. Unfortunately around the time my contract ended EA began it's downward spiral of mass layoffs and the city was flooded with artists just like me looking for work. I managed to keep my head above water, again working for various high-end media studios around the city, doing animations for the medical industry mostly. Shortly after I had received my first big promotion within the studio I was at, the economy started to fall apart and the studio closed it's doors. Luckily enough, another studio in town had seen my work and asked me to come on board as a Senior 3D Artist / Art Director for a Virtual Worlds project and also for a Cinematic Feature Film pitch for Legendary Pictures. It was great with lots of promise, in a time where many were experiencing layoffs and dry spells, I considered myself very, very fortunate. However, the economy finally got the best of that studio as well and it shut it's doors quite recently like many other studio in the city have had recently. So once again, the market is flooded and we all fight for scraps and a place to call home again. So back to the drawing board... I'm now freelancing from my home office, working on personal Character Art and interviewing for a position back within Vancouver, Canada's Game and Film Industry. The future is wide open and as long as I'm doing what I love, I'm happy and looking very forward to the next adventure this industry has to offer and the next project I'll have an opportunity to work on. During my time, I've been blessed to have worked with many great artists and I've learnt more working with them than I could have hop THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH Quite honestly the greatest revelation to 3D since ... well since there was 3D! Pixologic is redefining the way artists produce 3D content and the speed and natural feel that's only possible with tradition mediums. I can't believe what I've seen in the last years from these guys & gals, and I can't wait to be a part of what comes next! Cheers Pixologic! Email: adammuratoff@gmail.com   Website: www.adammuratoff.com
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